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Friday, April 12, 2002
 SunnComm announces peer-to-peer music sharing without piracy
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Message Text: SunnComm Inc. Thursday announced that it will be incorporating a radical new feature into its well received CD3 Expanded Experience Environment software called PromoPlay. PromoPlay gives digital content owners the power and flexibility of peer-to-peer marketing without the worry that their creative works will be pirated.

PromoPlay and its Send-A-Song(TM) functionality gives the consumer who owns a SunnComm-enhanced audio CD the ability to send a song to friends without violating copyright laws.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, the music owner can e-mail a copy of a PromoPlay-enabled song to a friend who can listen to the track for either a pre-specified number of plays or number of days, depending upon the record labels' desire.

Once the PromoPlay's number of plays or number of days has expired, the PromoPlay recipient has the opportunity to purchase the full CD, thereby expanding the title's reach for the label and the artist alike.

By incorporating the industry-leading Microsoft Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology into their proprietary PromoPlay process, SunnComm ensures that the PromoPlay tracks can be played on more than 350 million secure copies of Windows Media Player that have been distributed worldwide, without any need for additional software on the part of the PromoPlay recipient, and, at the same time, protecting the intellectual property rights of the content creator.

SunnComm chose Windows Media DRM for its security, flexibility and scalability, enabling PromoPlay to pursue a wide range of business models using the peer-to-peer super distribution of secure content. Windows Media DRM protects intellectual property while also being unobtrusive to consumers, striking an essential balance in meeting the needs of both consumers and content providers.

Peter H. Jacobs, SunnComm's president and chief executive officer said, "I love PromoPlay and believe that it will revolutionize consumers' thinking about enhanced CDs.

"It demonstrates to the music-buying public that labels are making great strides in creating an environment where consumers can fairly use the license granted to them when they buy their CD music to make legal personal copies of chosen tunes."

He went on to say, "For the last couple of years, the major labels have struggled with a way to make everyone happy. With Windows Media DRM and PromoPlay functionality, we give the artist and the labels a legal way to satisfy the desires that people have demonstrated to share with their closest friends the feeling they get from a new piece of music.

"PromoPlay provides the label with the powerful marketing value of friends telling friends about new music they've discovered, and reduces their desire to pirate artists' intellectual property.

"With PromoPlay and CD3 as part of our DC2(TM) Enterprise Suite (Digital Content Cloaking(TM) technology), the labels will get the best of both worlds and consumers will be able to share music with friends without breaking any laws. It's a win-win for everyone!"

SunnComm believes that PromoPlay will be a compelling selling feature of their next generation CD3 technologies scheduled for release next quarter.
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