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Monday, January 14, 2002
 Padus announces new features of DiscJuggler v4.0
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Message Text: Padus has unveiled the new features of the upcoming version of the famous DiscJuggler. As it seems, Padus is ready to enter the DVD recording software arena and offer some unique networking features...

New features:

- DiscJuggler 4.0 enables you to burn to any writing drive capable of plugging in to your PC. The following drive types give you some amazing possibilities:

CD-R - Record CD-DA discs for any car or stereo CD player. Make duplicate or compilation CD+G discs of your Karaoke needs. Write CD-ROM discs to distribute that all-important data.

CD-RW - Backup data to re-writable discs, making sure the most recent data is on the same disc at all times.

DVD-RAM - Write 4.7GB of fragmentable data to your re-writable DVD-RAM media.

DVD-R - Copy DVD-ROM or DVD-Video discs to as many discs as you want.

DVD-RW - Backup 4.7GB of data to re-writable discs, even DVD-Video discs that can be played on most standalone DVD players.

DVD+RW - Backup 4.7GB of data to re-writable discs, even DVD-Video discs that can be played on many standalone DVD players.

- The upcoming user interface for DiscJuggler 4.0 is designed from the new Microsoft standards.

- DiscJuggler 4.0 enables you to share one computer's disc writing drive(s) to other networked computers running the Padus Network Client. This expands the client machine's abilities to also pre-master discs. These discs are transferred as disc images to the computer running the Padus Network Service. This computer masters the disc for the client to be picked up later.

- DVD file systems supported: ISO-9660, UDF, Bridge (any combination of the above)
- DVD formats supported: DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio
- Support for simultaneous recording to multiple CD-R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+RW drives

In addition a new version called Padus DiscJuggler .NET will come out with improved networking features:

- DiscJuggler.NET comes out-of-the-box complete with default configuration templates, along with every conceivable option and control. This turns the idea of using DiscJuggler.NET in a corporate or online retail environment into a realistic endeavor.

- DiscJuggler.NET includes a few interfaces which give more flexibility and functionality to both Administrators and Users. Features are displayed based on the user's rank. Administrators have complete control over everything in DiscJuggler.NET, while the abilities of the Superuser and User rank are determined by the Administrator. Administrators can set abilities on a per user basis by using any of the interfaces. Notable abilities that an Administrator can assign to a user include: drives that a user can and cannot write to, types of drives that a user can and cannot write to, job priority, and the number of discs a user can write. In the end, an Administrator can assign an ability on a per user basis for ever conceivable ability DiscJuggler.NET contains.

- The real beauty of DiscJuggler.NET comes through when the server is attached to popular disc autoloaders, jukeboxes, and printers. In the same way that a networked printer has a paper tray, the Padus Network Service can have a stash of discs for immediate use when a job comes down the pipeline. A lot more wonderful things happen with an addition of a disc printer. When a printer is attached to the PNS, users can send their own disc labels with their job. Additionally, all job information can be printed on the disc, ranging from source IP address, date/time, and verification status of the disc.
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