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Monday, March 26, 2001
 Sanyo gives more information about Zone-CLV recording
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Message Text: "...Z-CLV is a Zone CLV recording method where each constant speed recording (=constant linear velocity recording) at each zone from the inner CD to the outer CD is divided into portions (Zones). As the left figure indicates, a recording speed at Zone 1 (inner disc) is 16x speed. A recording speed at Zone 2 (after t1 time has passed) is 20x speed, and a recording speed at Zone 3 (after t2 time has passed) is maximum 24x speed. The revolution speed will never exceed 8000 revolutions per minute even though the recording speed is 24x at outer disc. We applied BURN-Proof technology for the switching of the recording speed at t1 and t2 points. BURN-Proof is the first technology in the world that allows us to stop and restart a recording on CD.

The status in the vicinity of t1 is as follows.
- A drive records the data at a 16x speed from a start point of recording to t1 point.
- After that, it changes the recording speed setting from 16 (20) x speed to 20 (24)x speed. Then it accesses the recorded data area
- After that, it reads and checks the recorded data, and executes a
- A seamless recording is available at a reconnection position by the gap-less recording method which has been achieved on BP-1400P
and BP-4.

We can keep a stable recording quality with a Zone CLV recording method because a recording for each zone is a CLV recording, and we can use the current technical property for control of power and a recording waveform (= Strategy). In addition to the above, we have achieved shortened recording time with a 24x speed recording..."

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