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Wednesday, December 11, 2002
 InterVideo’s WinDVD supports Macrovision’s Digital Rights management technology for PCs
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Message Text: Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN), the leading developer and supplier of digital rights management (“DRM”) products, today announced that it has integrated its latest DRM solution (MacroSafe™) with InterVideo’s WinDVD, the world's most popular DVD player. The two companies will also join in co-marketing efforts to promote this secure solution to the video on demand market.

MacroSafe is a complete end-to-end digital rights management solution for the secure distribution and consumption of high value video, audio and other multimedia content to PCs, personal video recorders and set-top boxes.

InterVideo’s WinDVD 4 is the most sophisticated DVD-playing software on the market and is bundled with 9 of the top 10 PC makers in the world including Dell, HP, Sony, IBM and others. In addition to playing DVDs, WinDVD can also play MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and DivX™ content from files, such as those that might be downloaded from an Internet movie rental site.

The integration of the MacroSafe client with the WinDVD player enables the combined solution to:

Recognize content that has been encrypted and protected using the MacroSafe system
Determine if the user has the right to view the content
Enable easy playback of the content, if appropriate
Inhibit unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing

The integration of the two products is a benefit to the content owners, content distributors and the viewers of the content. Content owners can be confident that their high value media is delivered encrypted to the end viewer and is only decrypted per the granted usage models. Content distributors can be confident that a high quality, off-the-shelf solution is available for the playback of MacroSafe-protected content. And viewers of the content can be confident that they will have an experience similar to the one they have when viewing a DVD.

“Macrovision has integrated its MacroSafe DRM technology with WinDVD to enable on-the-fly decryption and playback of secure content,” said Steve Ro, founder and CEO of InterVideo. “We believe that a secure solution will enable new electronic distribution models for the entertainment content industry and will provide exciting new ways for consumers to get movies and video to watch with WinDVD.”

“Macrovision is delighted to be working with InterVideo,” said Carol Flaherty, senior vice president of Macrovision’s Video Technology Division. “MacroSafe is the latest addition to our suite of multi-media content protection and rights management technologies. We want to protect the digital rights of content creators while allowing content providers to offer consumers a higher-quality, more robust viewing experience. MacroSafe combined with WinDVD excels in meeting those objectives.”

MacroSafe provides the right combination of flexibility, transparency and security to ensure the secure packaging, distribution and consumption of high-value digital content throughout the DRM commercial value chain. The product consists of a set of tools that enables rights holders, service providers, distributors and retailers to create and support a wide range of business models for the secure distribution of rich media – to a very broad or a very targeted audience. MacroSafe conforms to MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standards and includes AES and triple DES encryption, built-in tamper hardening and separation of licenses and content to increase security and flexibility. Its architecture supports revocation and renewability of licenses in case of security violations, as well as ease of implementation at content owner level.


The integrated MacroSafe-WinDVD player is available now for evaluation by content distributors for use as the secure client and viewer in the content distribution systems.
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