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Monday, July 01, 2002
 YAMAHA CRW-F1: The ultimate CD-Recorder
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Message Text: Yamaha Electronics Corporation provides you with everything you need and more in a CD Recorder. With the introduction of the industry’s first 24X ReWritable recorder with Mt. Rainier support, exclusive DiscT@2 technology that eliminates the need for labels, Advanced Audio Master recording mode, reliable Full-CAV writing, a software bundle worth over $300, and the awesome new external design, there is no denying that Yamaha’s CRW-F1 is the Ultimate CD Recorder.

The all-new CRW-F1 internal and external models maximize reliability while delivering top-speed CD recording for all popular interfaces and operating systems on both PC and Mac platforms. Boasting the industry’s most comprehensive line-up, the CRW-F1 series features 7 different retail models to accommodate the latest styles, trends and applications. 4 out of 7 models are internal models, including internal IDE (CRW-F1ZE) and internal SCSI (CRW-F1ZS) models, each offered in platinum white or elegant noir (black). The new external models introduce Yamaha’s exciting new enclosure design and are available in 3 models, including a Dual Interface model (CRW-F1ZDX) featuring both FireWire and USB 2.0 connections, a USB 2.0 model (CRW-F1ZUX and an Ultra SCSI model (CRW-F1ZSX).

With the launch of CRW-F1, Yamaha introduces its revolutionary new DiscT@2TM Laser Labeling System, allowing graphics and text to be burnt onto the unused portion of any CD-R disc. This exclusive feature is made possible through Yamaha's industry-leading control of key elements of recording including: 1) tracking; 2) rotation; 3) laser intensity and positioning. The DiscT@2 feature is a true showcase of Yamaha's technology leadership in the CD-R/RW industry.

The CRW-F1 is also the first CD recorder ever to offer 24X CD-RW ReWriting. With full Mt. Rainer drag-and-drop CD rewriting and on-the-fly formatting support, the CRW-F1 burns CD-RW discs at up to 24X thus reducing the time for your overall rewriting experience by 50% compared to the fastest available models in the market. In addition, with Yamaha’s CD-RW Audio Track Edit system, there is no longer a need to erase an entire CD-RW disc to add a track or file to the disc, further facilitating and expanding the uses of CD-RW discs.

“CRW-F1 provides cutting edge performance combined with dozens of innovative features and proprietary technologies,” states Allen H. Gharapetian, general manager, Yamaha Multimedia Products Division. “Yamaha is confident that CRW-F1 is the most complete CD Recorder ever.”

Also incorporated into the list of CRW-F1’s standard features is Yamaha’s class-defining, exclusive new Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording System which guarantees the best possible audio or data recording quality on conventional 74 or 80-minute CD-R discs, as well as new 90 and 99-minute discs. When Audio Master recording mode is enabled, the system widens the lands and the pits, significantly reducing jitter created during CD-R recording, improving audio and music recording quality to a level rivaling professionally prepared music CDs. In addition, CD recordings performed using the new Advanced Audio Master Quality Recording deliver superior durability and longer life, especially for recorded discs used or stored under extreme conditions.

The CRW-F1 CD recorder also features 8MB of buffer memory (4 times larger than industry standard); Yamaha’s exclusive Safe-Burn technology, which eliminates buffer underruns and allows for maximum reliability while multitasking; Yamaha’s PurePhase Laser System, which reduces jitter while recording by 25%, the ability to read and rip audio at 44X; easy plug-and-play installation, Multi-OS support including Microsoft Windows XP; and the world’s most advanced Full-CAV technology designed to guarantee maximum performance and reliability. The adaptation of the Full-CAV (Full Constant Angular Velocity) technology enables the Yamaha CRW-F1 to burn a full 80-minute CD-R disc in just 163 seconds while delivering impeccable quality, playback reliability and a longer life expectancy.

The CRW-F1’s internal models are designed with a high-tech blue ice LED indicator light which lights up when recording and will change to a purple-white color when the drive is idle. The new external design features a florescent white on/off indicator light, as well as an elongated blue LED indicator, stretching across the entire width of the tray opening via a curved, custom designed light-pipe. The new enclosure is also designed to be stackable for multiple unit connectivity.

The CRW-F1 retail bundle includes an impressive software suite providing a top-quality burning experience, featuring Yamaha-customized, full-versions of software from Nero for the PC, Roxio’s Toast Lite for the Mac, Adobe PhotoDeluxe for PC, Adobe Photoshop LE for Mac, and Dantz Retrospect Express Backup for Microsoft Windows. The software suite also includes a custom-designed version of MusicMatch™ software (PC and Mac), which includes an audio ripper and MP3/CD player software. Combined, this comprehensive software package is valued at $300.

The CRW-F1 internal E-IDE models will be available in mid-July 2002, followed by internal SCSI and external USB 2.0 in August. The dual interface FireWire/USB 2.0 model and the SCSI models will complete the series shortly thereafter.

For more information, visit www.yamahamultimedia.com where eight press releases/puzzle pieces have joined to tell Yamaha CRW-F1’s story. Each release has detailed a different exciting feature of the industry’s finest CD-R series and shows why the CRW-F1 is The Ultimate CD Recorder.
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