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Tuesday, April 11, 2000
 Net-Burner Software Makes CDs Over The InterNet
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Message Text: "..Desernet Broadband Media today announced the release of new software to record CDs over the Internet. DATA NET-BURNER makes possible an entirely new class of e-commerce and on-line software distribution. Downloading the Data Net-Burner "Applet" from a web site records a CD automatically, without installing any software. Consumers find the Applet very easy to use because there are no settings or choices to select. The Applet contains both the content of the CD and the recording program. Most CDs can be downloaded and recorded (burned) in less than 5 minutes.

Web developers, software authors and distributors use the Data Net-Burner Wizard to make the Data Net-Burner Applets. The consumer does not need to buy the Wizard to burn CDs. Drag & drop is used in the Wizard to easily arrange the desired files and folders into the CD layout. Next, the Wizard builds the Applet. The Wizard user then places the Applet file on their web site for others to download. The Applets can be distributed for free or through a shopping cart system.

The Data Net-Burner Wizard is priced at $39.00. The Wizard can make an unlimited quantity of Applets. Both the Wizard and Applets run on Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT4. A functional Demo version of the Wizard is available for free downloading from the Net-Burner.com web site.

Data Net-Burner is the premier product utilizing Desernet Broadband Media's "Click-to-Disc!" technology. Any shrink-wrapped software purchased in stores is a candidate for "Click-to-Disc!" distribution- directly to the users home or office within moments. Consumers download an Applet from a web site such as Net-Burner.com. When the Applet is run it requests that a blank recordable CD-R or CD-RW disc be inserted into the computer's CD recorder. Then it burns the CD from the content contained within the Applet. Sample Applets available at the Net-Burner web site make free CDs containing Games, Useful Applications, or software oriented towards developers. Each Applet will make 1 CD.

Data Net-Burner has the potential for security and distribution rights management. The content can be encrypted and password protected. Making individual CD's on each customer's PC gives software manufacturers and distributors the option to "tag" each disc with unique information such as the user's name. Even without such identification, Data Net-Burner offers software publishers and distributors a new, direct, and inexpensive distribution method.

Desernet Broadband Media indicated it also has an audio version, called Music Net-Burner, in beta testing. This Applet will burn regular audio CDs using MP3 compression. Bands and Musical Groups will be able to produce, release, distribute, sell, and control their own recordings with Music Net-Burner.

For more information, visit the Net-Burner web site at http://www.net-burner.com . You can make a free CD or download a Demo version of the Data Net-Burner Wizard from the same address. For more information, contact Desernet Broadband Media, Inc. at PO Box 26636, Tempe, AZ 85285. E-mail: input@net-burner.com.."

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