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Friday, November 12, 1999
 Ahead Sets New Precedent With The VQF Powered Nero Media Player At Comdex 1999
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Message Text: NEWS RELEASE
Karlsbad, Germany
Release date 15 November 1999

David Jones / DJPR
+44-1525 289300

Ahead Software gmbh will introduce at this years Comdex Fall Show, the VQF powered, Nero Media Player.

The Nero Media Player has a compelling feature list, which is all the more significant, because it's essentially a free product.

Amongst its key elements are the twin audio encoding engines, (VQF, MP3), CD Ripping, Audio streaming, Virtual Capture, CD Recording, and customisable skins.

Developed by NTT Human Interface Laboratories, VQ technology (Transform-domain Weighted Interleave Vector Quantization), can encode at a much lower bit rate without compromising its CD quality. Therefore VQ compression can reduce the amount of data to less than 1/12 the original sound, and typically to 30% less than MP3 files. In the future, VQ will play an increasing part in emerging new standards such as MPEG 4.0

Audio data can also be ripped, or extracted from a CD to a wave file, or encoded to either MP3 or VQF. Using the latest codec from Fraunhofer, the creators of MP3, the Nero player supports the encoding of up to 30 tracks, and is 10 times faster than real-time on a Pentium 111 500. Therefore a typical 3 minute 40 second track can be encoded in less than 25 seconds!

The special Virtual Capture component, allows for the capturing of data in the digital domain from other formats for conversion into supported Nero Player formats, and subsequently recording to CD.

A customisable skin option will also allow for the choosing of the Media Player's general look. Also future server software will be provided for users wishing to host web servers with their encoded content ready for streaming or download.

Compressed audio formats such as MP3 are becoming increasing popular for music distribution via the Internet, or for the new breed of personal entertainment systems. Security issues have been well documented recently and Ahead will look to implement digital rights management in the future as proposed by bodies such as SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative).

For the more creative musician or enthusiast, technology is giving an opportunity to get their music heard on a much wider scale than ever could have been imagined.

Students at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), one of the premier music education and performing Institutes in the World, will use the Nero Media Player to get their content onto web sites or CD as a means of distribution.

Arthur Bernstein of LIPA said, "In the past, only the very successful artists could ever have achieved the potential audience that the Internet offers. The Nero Media Player is a great way to prepare your data for the ultimate in distribution, whether it is the Internet or Compact Disc. Therefore LIPA encourages its students to use technology along with the creative process"

Jim Corbett from Ahead said "There are some ambitious plans, and this is just the beginning as we set out to make this the 'Media Player for the Millennium'! By making it freeware, Ahead hopes to give a much greater accessibility and awareness to compressed audio formats such as VQF, and at the same time give the user more choice. They will soon be able point their browser at and download it"

By combining CD Recording, VQF, and MP3,, audio encoding, CD ripping, audio streaming, and Virtual Capture, into a single application, the Nero Media Player should be a must have addition for any Internet audio or CD-Recording enthusiasts.

If MP3 is your main usage, then the Nero Media Player Professional will be made available with unlimited MP3 encoding. For a small additional cost, you'll still be able to enjoy all the other features, and be updated on some great new ones, as and when they are added.

For further information please visit our web site at or contact David Jones at"

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