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Sunday, September 02, 2012
 Panasonic's 103-inch Glasses-Free 3D Plasma TV And 145-inch 8K PDP Unveiled at IFA 2012
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Message Text: Panasonic has on display a massive 103-inch glasses-free 3D plasma set along with a 145-inch 8K PDP at IFA.

At its corporate booth, Panasonic exhibited its 103-inch glasses-free 3D plasma display, the largest in the world, that reproduces high-definition 3D video with very little crosstalk compared to other such systems.

The display offers 3D images on a 103-inch glasses-free plasma display. It can display images at a higher resolution and a higher quality than current parallax barrier type glasses-free 3D displays. Through the use of 4K2K plasma panels, it is possible to display high definition 3D images at a resolution equivalent to HD, and by utilizing a newly developed barrier, moire interference and crosstalk has been reduced by about half of that of previous glasses-free 3D systems.

Panasonic's 103-inch plasma display panel is almost twice the size of Toshiba's current 55-inch RZ1 contender, powered by similar autostereoscopic technologies. Its optimal viewing distance for 3D is 3m.

Panasonic anticipates that the 3D display system will be utilized across a wide spectrum of industries. For example, the massive PDP can be used as a 3D digital signage where the use of 3D glasses is impractical, or as a 3D showroom for cars or interior design.

Panasonic also showcased a 145-inch 8K PDP, which supports NHK's (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Super Hi-Vision 4K format. The Super Hi-Vision technology is able to achieve images 16 times the resolution of HDTV and audio realism of 22.2 multichannel sound systems. The specific panel had been also showcased in Japan in the past but this was the first time being on display at an international show.

In addition, Panasonic presented its newly-developed Interactive Multi-view 3D System which allows the viewer to control the object image through a touch panel, and view the image at the size and from the angle they desire. The system is capable of accurate three-dimensional display without any sense of warping, thus realizing the full, high-quality expressive potential of 3D video.

The system optimally utilizes the special characteristics of 3D to express the texture of the object. The user can control the image of an object taken from multiple angles through a touch panel, giving the user the freedom to view the object at the angle and size they desire in full HD 3D. The 3D system is able to display the shape and depth of the 3D image accurately regardless of the magnification ratio and display high resolution images at high speeds. The active-shutter type display is able to express the color and texture of objects.

The Multi-view 3D System can be used as an archive for art galleries and museums, or as a virtual gallery, or a catalogue for auctions or net shopping services

In addition, Panasonic had on display the company's Audio-Visual product range. On show were the full range of Smart VIERA televisions including a 60" LED, the SmartVIERA TX-L60ET5 - the biggest Panasonic has ever produced - and a top of the range 50" plasma TV, the VT50. These were accompanied by the very latest in 3D home-theatre, digital projection and Blu-ray technology. Visitors of Panasonic's booth had also the chance to get hands-on with a selection of Smart VIERA?s operation features, including new 'voice guidance' control.

Smart VIERA also offers the ability to control a host of networking options for easy interaction with a tablet, smartphone or camera. Panasonic also demonstrated Smart VIERA's 'swipe and share' functionality via is VIERA Remote App, as well as the ability to share photographs directly with your TV from the new LUMIX SZ5 camera.

Also on display at the company's booth was a 20-inch 4K display, with an HD resolution of 216ppi. According to Panasonic, the thin panel (3.5mm) consumes no more power than an equivalent full-HD panel.

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