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Tuesday, January 10, 2012
 Sony at CES 2012
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Message Text: Connectivity, high picture and sound quality, and a mix of electronics, content and network services are some of the features of Sony's array of technology at CES 2012.

Sony is introducing a new world of connected products, from TVs, Blu-ray players, and home A/V receivers to tablets, smartphones, and PCs to camcorders, mobile audio devices and more, combined with a range of online services for movies, TV shows, and games, as well as a cloud-based music service.

"Sony is committed to designing technologies for every aspect of consumer entertainment - in or out of the home, on the go, in the air, at work, at play, or wherever life takes you," said Kazuo Hirai, Executive Deputy President, Sony Corporation. "When these products are combined with Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) which offers innovative services like Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited, as well as PlayStation Network, the user experience is truly unmatched and only made possible by a company like Sony."

"Our newest products continue Sony's track record of ground-breaking innovation," said Phil Molyneux, President and COO of Sony Electronics. "Sony's goal is delivering the highest level of consumer entertainment, and we're not satisfied with just making the best electronics. Our movies, music and games, combined with our development of emerging technologies like glass-less 3D and 4K technology, further demonstrate our commitment to consumers."

At CES, Sony is also demonstrating a new display technology called "Crystal LED Display." This device is the first 55-inch Full HD self-emitting display using LEDs as the light source, and will be capable of much higher contrast, wider color range and superb video image response times. Sony is featuring a 55-inch prototype at CES.

The "Crystal LED Display" is a self-emitting display that uses Sony's methods to mount ultrafine LEDs in each of the Red-Green-Blue (RGB) colors, equivalent to the number of pixels (approximately six-million LEDs for Full HD). The RGB LED light source is mounted directly on the front of the display, improving the light use efficiency. This results in images with higher contrast (in both light and dark environments), wider color gamut, superb video image response time, and wider viewing angles when compared to existing LCD and plasma displays, with low power consumption.

Compared to existing LCD displays, the 55-inch prototype exhibited at CES is boasting approximately 3.5 times higher contrast in light environment, approximately 1.4 times wider color gamut, and approximately 10 times faster video image response time (all values based on current Sony models). Sony envisages a wide range of applications for its "Crystal LED Display", ranging from professional to consumer use. Sony did not clarify whether it would use the new OLED technology in its own branded future TV models. According to reports, the company has discontinued production of OLED TV sets but it will continue selling organic EL displays for its corporate clients.

Sony's echnology is a direct-view matrix of LEDs, as opposed to an LED-backlit LCD. Until now, most direct-view LED displays have been made for outdoor billboards or large indoor signs.

The development, while surely at an early stage, adds some interest to the technology race for large-size flat panel TVs, especially given the buzz around 55" OLED TVs from LG and Samsung.

Main specifications of the prototype

Panel size: 55-inch
Number of pixels: ,920 x 1,080 x RGB (Full HD: uses approx. 2 million each of RGB LEDs, a total of around 6 million LEDs)
Display elements: RGB LEDs
Brightness: Approximately 400 cd/mē
Viewing angle: Approximately 180 degrees
Contrast (dark environment): More than measurable limit values
Color gamut:More than 100% compared to NTSC (xy)
Power consumption: (panel module): Under approximately 70W

Sony has also introduced a new 46-inch 3D TV that provides visuals without the need for glasses. Based on the autostereoscopic 3D technology, the display presents the illusion of depth by incorporating thousands of tiny mirrors within the display itself.

Television/Home A/V

Sony's expanded BRAVIA television lineup focuses on three series - the entry-level BX, the step-up EX, and the flagship HX.

Select models incorporate and deliver a brilliant Full HD (1080p) picture with increased brightness and contrast. Sony's OptiContrast panel elevates the picture to the front surface of the TV and creates a dark background for high contrast pictures. Picture quality is further enhanced with Sony's X-Reality PRO and X-Reality digital video processors, and Sony's newest version of Motionflow XR technology helps to reduce blur caused by quick camera movements.

The high-end HX line will be made up of LED-backlit LCDs with 3-D and built-in Wi-Fi for Skype and Sony apps. The even higher-end HX850 series will also feature screens made of Coring's Gorilla Glass, as well as thin and light. The HX series will be available in 46-inch and 55-inch sizes, each with a 1080p resolution.

The EX line won't have Gorilla Glass or 3-D, but these TVs will have built-in Wi-Fi and Sony apps and will be available in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch sizes, each with a 1080p resolution.

The entry-level BX line from Sony will be made up of some pretty basic TVs. The BX450 series,will offer 1080p resolution in 46-inch and 40-inch sizes while the BX330 series will consist of one 31.5-inch set with a resolution of 720p.

Sony is also expanding its line of products using the Google TV platform, with a new network media player and a new Blu-ray Disc player. In addition, select 2012 BRAVIA models will link for easier use of Google TV features.

Sony announced the launch of Network Media Player "NSZ-GS7" and Blu-ray Disc Player "NSZ-GP9" powered by Google TV, starting with North America and Europe. Users can connect these devices to their TV via HDMI to watch TV broadcast, enjoy apps, and browse the Internet. The new remote control is equipped with a touch pad, full keyboard with back light, microphone for voice search and game compliant 3 axis motion sensor.

The new Network Media Player and Blu-ray Disc Player are scheduled to launch from early summer 2012, starting with North America and Europe and plan to expand into other countries and regions.

New Blu-ray Disc Players and Home Cinema systems

The new BDP-S790 Blu-ray Disc player can upscale movies to Digital Cinema 4K resolution, more than 4x better resolution than current Full HD. Other features include:

- Improved picture with 3D, Super Bit Mapping and - Digital Cinema 4K - over 4x Full HD resolution
- Access apps and a world of online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi
- Make free face-to-face calls with Skype

- Full HD 3D
- Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi
- Control from your Smartphone

- 2D and 3D movies in Full HD including DVD
- Stream on-demand films, catch-up TV and music through Sony Entertainment Network
- Connect to your PC to stream movies, videos and music

- Access online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi
- Download apps to for more online options
- Stylish and compact at only 320mm wide

Sony's new Home Cinema Systems are bundled with a software option that automatically adjusts sudden spikes in sound - including loud adverts.

Auto calibration is another key feature, enabling you to enjoy the ideal sound stage, no matter where you've placed your speakers.

In addition, all new N-Series Home Cinema Systems are equipped with Magnetic Fluid speakers. These deliver distortion-free sound and are also more energy-efficient and more compact than traditional speakers.

While viewing of listening to content from Sony Entertainment Network, you can find out what song is playing or info about a film - all at the touch of a button. And if you've got music and photos on your Smartphone or tablet that you?d rather enjoy on a grander scale, just use the new 'throw' function to transfer it to your Blu-ray Disc Player or Home Cinema System.

The same goes for movies, music or photos on your PC, just access them via your home network and play them back on the big screen. You can also set up your Smartphone as a remote control for your entertainment system.

- Watch Full HD 3D Blu-ray movies and DVDs
- Cinematic surround sound at home with S-Force PRO technology
- Ready to stream entertainment from the web & PC

- Watch Full HD 3D Blu-ray movies and DVDs
- Enjoy your digital music through a dock for iPod and iPhone
- Ready to stream entertainment from the web & PC

- Watch High Definition movies in 3D
- Ready to stream movies, TV and music from the Web or your PC
- Browse the web and add your own apps

- Get a powerful sound with a 1000W amp
- Watch High Definition movies in 3D
- Enjoy music through a dock for iPod and iPhone

- 1000W HD surround sound with 2x tall speakers
- Watch High Definition movies in 3D
- Enjoy music through a dock for iPod and iPhone

- 1000W HD surround sound with 4x tall speakers
- Experience High Definition movies in 3D
- Stream films & music online and from your PC

- High power and pure sound from Magnetic Fluid speakers
- Improved 3D and HD with Super Bit Mapping
- Stylish flat speakers and a unit that can be placed horizontally or vertically

- Enjoy 3D Surround Sound from Magnetic Fluid speakers
-Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi
- Improved 3D and HD with Super Bit Mapping

- Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi
- Improved 3D and HD with Super Bit Mapping
- Advanced automatic speaker calibration

- Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi
- 1000W wireless rear speakers means less cable clutter
- Improved 3D and HD with Super Bit Mapping


- 1000W twin tall speakers for greater audio reach
- Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi
- Wireless rear speakers for less cable clutter

- Four tall speakers deliver 1000W for total surround sound
- Wireless rear speakers are simple and stylish
- Access apps and online entertainment with built-in Wi-Fi

PlayMemories series globally starting from January 2012

At CES. Sony also announced that it will launch the "PlayMemories" series, which enables users to enjoy high quality videos and photos on a variety of devices including LCD TVs, personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. It offers ease of viewing and editing and sharing video and photos content on various outlets as well as over its cloud service.

The "PlayMemories" series consists of four solutions: PlayMemories Online for managing and sharing videos and photos overthrough the cloud, PlayMemories Home for organizing and editing content on a personal computer, PlayMemories Studio for organizing, editing and viewing on PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3); and PlayMemories Mobile for transferring content from Wi-Fi enabled Bloggie, announced in the U.S., to a smartphone and tablet.

Available starting in spring 2012, the free cloud service will allow users to upload videos and photos captured with digital cameras or camcorders and enjoy them anytime, anywhere, on many devices including compatible Bravia , personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. With a single account, users can enjoy this service as well as video and digital music services which are also offered on the Sony Entertainment Network platform.

Bundled with Sony's digital imaging products starting from January 2012, PlayMemories Home is a PC software that allows users to transfer, organize, view, edit and share images and videos they capture. The software will offer features to organize videos and photos according to date or location. Additionally, users can view or upload stored personal content on digital cameras and camcorders directly by bypassing their PC. Editing of both 2D and 3D images will be supported as well as copying to a Blu-ray disc. Uploading to "PlayMemories Online" (Facebook, YouTube) can be done without a web browser.

Available starting in spring 2012 at the PlayStation Store (paid), the PlayMemories Studio app will take advantage of the processing power of PS3, and will allow users to zoom and scroll videos and photos, and even edit HD video content as if they were playing a game. Handling the images has become as comfortable as playing a game by using a DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller. Also, it is possible to remotely use the service with PlayStation Vita or PSP (PlayStation Portable) , via Remote Play. Sony will offer a free trial version of the application for a limited time.

In addition to the videos and photos stored on PS3, content stored on cameras, external hard drives and storage devices connected via USB can be viewed without the need to transfer to PS3. Also, users can search and sort images by date or location.

By using action tags, adding visual/sound effects such as slow motion and frame by frame playback or inserting captions and scripts to the images are as easy and enjoyable as playing a game.

Last but not least, the app will offer easy uploading to Facebook, using a Wi-Fi connection.

Available at Android Market and App Store starting in early January (free), the PlayMemories Mobile application for Android or iOS transfers videos and pictures captured with Wi-Fi enabled Bloggie, announced in the U.S., to their smartphone or tablet devices. User can upload this content from their smartphone or tablet devices to Facebook , Youtube and PlayMemories Online.

Sony Tablet

Sony's first tablet out of the gate, Sony Tablet S, is optimized for dynamic media entertainment on a 9.4-inch display. Now, Sony Tablet P pushes the design of a tablet even further. Its dual-screen layout allows its two 5.5-inch displays to be used for different functions such as playing video on one screen while using the other as a controller, or checking email on one screen while using the other as a keyboard. Users can also combine the displays into a single large screen and its unique folding design means it can fit easily into a jacket pocket or purse.

PS3 Has 5 More Years in Stores

Sony's Kazuo Hirai said the PlayStation 3 console will have a 10-year lifespan, suggesting the device won?t be replaced soon.

"It's very important that we continue to have a dedicated home-based console," Hirai said. "Relying solely on networks to deliver content is unfortunately just not possible. It's still very difficult to have consumers download 50 gigabytes of data or more," Hirai said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Some press reports suggested a new version would be unveiled at this year's E3 video-game conference.

Sony also said that holiday season retail sales of the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) portable system, the PlayStation 3 system, the PSP handheld entertainment system and the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system exceeded 6.5 million units worldwide.

PS Vita sold half million units to consumers since its launch on December 17, 2011 in Japan and December 23, 2011 in Asia, according to Sony.

The PS3 system exceeded 3.9 million units worldwide during the holiday sales season, and continues to build momentum and remains on track to reach its annual sales target of 15.0 million hardware units worldwide in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2012.

Worldwide PSP sales exceeded 1.6million units during the holiday season.
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