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Sunday, September 04, 2011
 Philips Introduces Latest Range Consumer Products at IFA
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Message Text: At this year's Internationale Funk Ausstellung (IFA), Philips is introducing new consumer products in lifestyle entertainment and television.

New Fidelio range of docking speakers

Philips Lifestyle Entertainment introduced the latest additions to the Fidelio docking speaker range, including Philips' first docking speakers for Android devices.

The Fidelio docking speakers for Android are based on the same speaker systems as the Fidelio for Apple range. As the micro USB connector on Android smartphones are placed in different positions and orientations on each phone, Philips has developed a connector that adjusts in three dimensions to hold any phone in both portrait and landscape positions. This means you can dock and charge most Android phones and your phone will always be positioned at the centre of the speaker.

Philips has developed a dedicated Fidelio app for Android, which will automatically pair your smartphone with the docking station via Bluetooth. Using Philips Songbird media player, you can discover and play all your media and sync it with the docking speaker. Its features let you discover new artists and music styles through music and media stores, services and websites. You can play your own library and media straight from the web and sync all of it from your PC to your Android devices.

The Fidelio for Android range includes three devices:

The Fidelio for Android (AS851) model comes with Philips Digital sound processing for lifelike, distortion-less music and 30W RMS total output power.

The slightly smaller Fidelio for Android (AS351) has option to choose between battery and AC power, it offers Dynamic Bass Boost and comes with 10W RMS total output power.

The third model in the range, the Fidelio for Android (AS111) comes in a compact design. Its 360-degree design gives an omni-directional sound whilst neodymium speakers deliver a balanced sound.

The company's Fidelio wireless speaker range also includes the Fidelio SoundRing with AirPlay (DS3880W). Using Apple's AirPlay, the Philips Fidelio wireless speakers give you sound and access to all your iTunes music. You can stream music from iTunes on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over a home Wi-Fi network to your Fidelio wireless speaker. AirPlay allows you to play your music simultaneously on every speaker, in every room. If you want to change tracks, you can use the remote control, which complements the speaker design and finishing.

The visually impressive Fidelio SoundRing with AirPlay (DS3880W) comprises a central bass sound pipe and four high definition drivers - two front-firing and two side-firing.

Equally stylish, the Fidelio SoundRing with AirPlay (DS3800W) reproduces music with the same precision, but without the rechargeable battery function.

The Fidelio SoundCurve with AirPlay (DS8800W) promises to deliver an exceptional sound performance. It features SoundCurve whilst precisely tuned bass pipes for deep bass reproduction.

Philips introduced the Fidelio SoundSphere docking speakers with AirPlay (DS9800W) in March. The sound quality of the Philips Fidelio SoundSphere docking speaker lies in its design. The curve of the separate speakers with their unique free-floating tweeters on top of both speakers mean Philips Fidelio SoundSphere delivers sound in all directions for a deeper audio impression with minimized interferences.

Philips 3D TVs

3D Max is the pinnacle of home-3D technology and is included in Philips' 9000 series Smart LED TVs, 8000 series Smart LED TVs, and Cinema 21:9 Platinum series Smart LED TV. Easy 3D is available in the 7000 series Smart LED TV, the DesignLine Edge Smart LED TV and the new Cinema 21:9 Gold series Smart LED TV.

The 3D of the 46" 9000 series Smart LED TV received an EISA award for European 3D TV of the Year 2011-12. With its Full HD resolution, 180-degree viewing angle and minimal crosstalk, 3D Max is available in the Philips 8000 and 9000 series Smart LED TVs and Cinema 21:9 Platinum series, 3D Max builds on the first 3D introduction by Philips and delivers 3D TVs which are fully equipped and ready to display premium 3D movie releases in high-definition 3D. The new TVs are using active 3D technology and feature a high-powered integrated 3D transmitter, which communicates with a range of 3D glasses.

Since last year, the Perfect Natural Motion's processing power has doubled to two billion pixels per second. 3D Max also features 3D depth adjustment controls.

Philips is also offering the Easy 3D series of passive 3D TVs. An integrated 3D polarizer allows you to enjoy that cinema experience straight from the box. The Easy 3D experience is further enhanced by Philips Ambilight, which projects harmonized ambient lighting onto the walls behind your TV. Easy 3D is available in the 7000 series Smart LED TV, the DesignLine Edge Smart LED TV and the new Cinema 21:9 Gold series Smart LED TV.

This year, Philips is also introducing real-time 2D-to-3D conversion on all 3D Max TVs.

3D Max and Easy 3D are also designed to support Two Player Full Screen Gaming. In 2D two-player games, each gamer usually sees their game on half the screen. Using 3D technology, Philips expands the functionality of 3D TVs to enable gamers to enjoy their two-player games in full screen at the same time. By wearing the 3D glasses, each gamer will only see their game in full screen so two gamers can sit together and play on the same TV.

Philips 21:9 range

Philips has further strengthened both the performance and connectivity of the Cinema 21:9 Platinum and Gold series of Smart LED TVs.

As we previously mentioned, the Cinema 21:9 Platinum is equipped with 3D Max, new 2D to 3D conversion, 180-degree viewing angle, minimal crosstalk and Active 3D technology.

With Perfect Natural Motion, processing power has doubled to two billion pixels per second. In addition, with new advances in Super Resolution for even more brightness, contrast and detail.

Updated for a more powerful performance, the Cinema 21:9 Platinum now boasts 1200Hz Perfect Motion Rate with a 0.5 millisecond response time and LED Pro technology, which can render 2,250 trillion colors, complimented by Ambilight Spectra 3 technology which enlarges the viewing experience using projected light.

The Cinema 21:9 Gold series offers a comfortable 3D viewing experience with sharp images and low crosstalk. The Gold series also features real-time 2D to 3D conversion and 3D depth adjustment controls. Using lightweight passive 3D glasses in combination with the Cinema 21:9 Gold series' 3D polarized screen, Easy 3D brings 3D realism into the home at a more attractive price.

The Cinema 21:9 Gold series TV is packaged in a 50" Full HD screen in 21:9 aspect ratio. It includes edge Full HD LED, 400Hz PMR with response time of 2 milliseconds and Philips' Pixel Precise HD picture processing engine.

With Wi-Fi internet built into the Cinema 21:9 Gold series, access to online services through Philips Net TV.

The Cinema 21:9 Gold series also offers smart USB recording so if you are unexpectedly interrupted when watching your favorite program, you don't have to miss a thing as it lets you pause live TV.

In 2D mode, the Cinema 21:9 Platinum and Gold series display standard dual-player games on a split-screen: player one gets the top half and player two gets the bottom half. When you activate this mode with Easy 3D and put on your Philips 3D gaming kit (PTA436/00), each player simultaneously sees his or her view expand to fill the entire TV screen.

Both the Cinema 21:9 Platinum and Gold series accesses the superconnected media portal that hooks you up with online content; streams music, photos and videos from your tablet, smart phone or laptop, and stores programs and movies on your hard drive. Built on the four pillars of SimplyShare (connect with all your WiFi-enabled gadgets), Control (use your smart phone or tablet for navigation), Net TV (an interactive online platform for programs and apps) and Program (find out what's on and record and pause live TV), Philips' Smart TV provides easy access to a gallery of online apps.

Philips, LG and Sharp to work on Common Smart TV platform

Philips, LG and Sharp have taken the initiative to investigate the specification of common technical requirements for their Smart TV offerings (i.e. Philips Smart TV, LG Smart TV and Sharp Aquos Net+), based upon open standards such as HTML5, CE-HTML and HbbTV. As a first step, they will introduce the first beta version of a common Software Development Kit (SDK), which would allow content application developers to create a single application that can run on the Smart TV's from Philips, LG and Sharp Aquos Net+.

This cooperation, for which Philips and LG signed a letter of intent, aims to simplify the way applications are developed.

The beta version of the common SDK will be released by early October.
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