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Friday, June 03, 2011
 OnLive Gets Universal Wireless Controller, Integrates Facebook And Offers New Games
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Message Text: OnLive has unveiled a host of new plans to push its cloud gaming service into more mainstream markets, including integrating its technology into Intel hardware, direct launching of games from Facebook and the release of a wireless universal controller for multiple platforms.

OnLive's cloud gaming technology delivers games to just about any video Internet-connected device, including TVs, PCs, Macs and tablets. The OnLive Game Service?s user interface was the first to work optimally with any input method, be it game controller, keyboard/mouse or touch screen.

Wireless Controller

OnLive today announced a Wireless Controller that is as universal as the OnLive Game Service itself. The Controller not only works with OnLive?s own MicroConsole TV adapter, but works with almost any OnLive-compatible device, either establishing a wireless link directly with the device, or via a small USB dongle plugged into the device.

OnLive will showcase the new OnLive Universal Wireless Controller at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles June 7-9. The demonstrations will include OnLive gameplay on the HTC Flyer tablet and VIZIO HDTVs with VIA Plus.

OnLive's Universal Wireless Controller brings gaming control to general-purpose consumer electronic devices for the first time. Optimized to minimize latency, up to four controllers can be used simultaneously, along with optional keyboard/mouse and Bluetooth headset for voice chat. Some legacy devices may support a limited number of simultaneous controllers and/or other input devices, but using the supplied USB dongle, a full complement of four controllers are supported simultaneously.

The OnLive Universal Wireless Controller will be available this fall, both in the United States and in other countries where OnLive is available.

Facebook integration

OnLive has integrated the OnLive Game Service with Facebook, not just providing static text and image notifications, but providing direct launch from Facebook pages into OnLive games, demos, and spectating, as well as providing automatic Brag Clip video posting of users most awesome moments on their Facebook wall.

Users will see a Wall post instantly when their Facebook friends are starting up an OnLive game. By clicking the "Watch Me" link on the post, users will be able to spectate their friend's gameplay instantly at HD resolution. Users will be also able to ineract with their friends through OnLive voice chat, or start up the game themselves, either as a free demo or to join them in multiplayer.

"No one questions the massive appeal of social gaming, but before OnLive there was no frictionless way to integrate AAA core games into the global social network fabric. OnLive?s Facebook integration not only achieves this, but OnLive?s spectating, voice chat and Brag Clip videos add a media-rich social dimension unlike anything that has existed before, "said OnLive Founder and CEO, Steve Perlman.

Users shift instantly into and out of Facebook and the OnLive gaming experience, as well as shift from one OnLive-compatible device to another, be it almost any PC/Mac, tablet or TV today, and soon smartphones, Blu-ray/media players and IPTV/cable set-top boxes. OnLive also announced expansion to the UK and Europe later this year, and trials are underway in Asia.

OnLive is also offering a Software Development Kit (SDK) for game developers to enable new games to directly utilize OnLive and Facebook?s social features.

Disney Interactive Studios Games

OnLive has also signed an agreement with Disney Interactive Studios to add its family-friendly games to the OnLive platform. The first two Disney Interactive Studios games to join OnLive, Split/Second and Pure, won consecutive Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 in the racing game category.
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