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Friday, April 16, 2010
 NewSign Japan Showcases 70-inch 3D Screen For Viewing Without Glasses
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Message Text: A 70-inch screen that shows 3D images without the need for special glasses is currently on display at Tokyo Big Sight exhibition in Ariake, Tokyo.

The huge LCD panel is 160 centimeters wide and 95 cm tall. Developed by NewSign Japan Ltd., the 70" panel is based on the parallax barrier technology, which allows the viewer to see the 3D image "naturally" in the way people are used to viewing normal 2D displays. The parallax barrier is actually a thin film that is attached to the front of the display. The technology subdivides the LCD image into complex repeating segments that, when viewed and then integrated by human binocular vision, presents 3D views of scenes.

The special parallax barrier is affixed to commercial-grade LCD displays in a precision assembly process, the company claims.

The 70-inch model in display at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition (MV70-AD) offers a viewing angle of more than 120 degrees, supports full HD resolutions, and its weight is 150Kg. The recommended viewing distance is 7m (5 ~ 15m), the company says.

NewSight Japan Ltd. plans to start commercial production of large screens by order using the technology in June.

The parallax barrier technology has been also implemented in smaller panels offered by Sharp and other companies. However, NewSight claims that its technology offers eight different views of the same object simultaneously, making it possible to see the screen's effects at wide angles.

Content is played on the NewSight display using the NewSight Media Player. The NewSight Media Player supports a wide variety of image and video formats. The most common format utilized is the NewSight eight tile format. Standard 2D content can also play with no problem on the NewSight display and can be interspersed with 3D content.

The most common way to produce 3D content for the NewSight displays is probably using NewSights plugins for standard 3D content production packages like 3DSMax, Maya, or LightWave. They allow the transition for 3D content creators from the 2D world to the 3D world. In addition the NewSight Post Production ToolKit (PPTK) allows content creators to put the finishing touches on animations and will automate many of the standard tasks in the pipeline such as compression or special effects. This package is optimized to operate on all 8 views of video simultaneously.

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