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Wednesday, March 03, 2010
 Nero Updates Optical Storage Media Security Technology With SecurDisc 2.0
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Message Text: Nero plans to update its SecurDisc data protection technology in April 2010, with the release of SecurDisc 2.0.

SecureDisc 2.0 extends the lifespan of burned content on CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs by increasing the chances of retrieving data from damaged discs, regardless of scratches, age or deterioration, protecting data from unintended alteration and access, and enabling the verification of the originator of the data using digital signatures.

The average life expectancy of an optical disc is less than five years; yet, unforeseen events can decrease the lifespan even more. According to a survey of 1,000 American households commissioned by the National Consumers League, respondents re-purchased an average of two commercial DVDs because the disc was lost or damaged. This number is significantly higher among households with children. The number of defective DVDs is likely even higher with non-commercial DVDs burnt at home. Recognizing the need to improve disc longevity, Nero developed and integrated SecurDisc technology into its products.

SecurDisc 2.0 will now provide a full feature set of data security-related functions, regardless of the optical recording hardware and media being used ? including Blu-ray Discs. This simple to use solution increases the chances of retrieving files if an optical disc is damaged or scratched, ensures the security of important files by guaranteeing that data cannot be altered accidently or maliciously through password protection and encryption, and lets people verify the authenticity of files with the originator?s digital signatures.

SecurDisc combines higher data reliability through data storage redundancy and defect management with encryption, password protection and digital signatures to safeguard the most valuable and confidential data stored on optical storage media, expanding the longevity of the optical disc. Once a disc is created using SecurDisc 2.0, the password protected data can be viewed using the new SecurDisc Viewer app embedded on the media. All a user needs to do is insert the optical disc in a drive and it will automatically run without the need to install any additional software. When the correct password is entered, the data will be automatically decrypted and accessible to the recipient of the disc.

SecurDisc 2.0 will be included in future Nero software products.
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