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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
 LG Announces New Scarlet LG61, LG70, LG80 and LG90 LCD TVs
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Message Text: Focusing on performane, product design and aesthetics, LG anounced new additions to its Scarlet series of LCD TVs, the new LG61, LG70, LG80 and the LED-backlit LG90 models.

LG61: Slim, Beautiful from Every Angle

As consumers' needs for product design is increasingly aesthetic, previously hidden or ignored aspects like the design of a product's other side is becoming crucial. LG Electronics' newly introduced LG61 LCD TV, which embraces this trend.

With its shiny deep red back, the LG61 changes our perception of conventional sets, by turning the "other" side of the TV it into a design detail that completes the overall look and feel of the product.

Beyond its scarlet pedigree, the Scarlet LG61 is as attractive as a work of art hanging in a gallery. At just 1.7 inches (44.7mm) thick, it is the world?s slimmest LCD TV with an HD tuner and LG's new wall mount technology makes her look even more slender by minimizing the space between the TV and the wall to less than 1 inch (2.5 cm).

And its power indicator surrounded by red LED lights with soft touch sensor and glossy fa?ade accentuate the beauty of the product. The LED-lit cut-out in the lower part of the bezel surrounded also serves as a decorative focal point, giving viewers a subtle indication of the TV?s status by emitting a scarlet-coloured glow when the TV is on. And soft touch sensor makes even simple tasks like turning the TV on or off more appealing.

Blending distinctive design with smart technologies, the Full HD LG61 is equipped with LG's advanced features such as Intelligent Sensor, which adjusts the brightness and the color characteristics of the display based on the room lighting conditions. This feature also has the added benefit of lowering power consumption by as much as 69.5 percent.

The LG61 also includes advanced TruMotion 100Hz technology eliminating motion blur, even during fast-moving action sequences, as well as a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 50,000:1, which means that blacks are darker, whites are brighter and colors are more vibrant overall.


- Full HD Resolution
- TruMotion 100Hz
- 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
- Intelligent Sensor
- 24p Real Cinema
- 4 HDMI (1.3 Deep Color)
- Invisible Speaker
- AV Mode (Cinema, Sport, Game)
- Expert Mode / ISF Ready

Scarlet LG80 LCD TV Resonates with Audio Lovers

The new LG80 has carefully tuned speakers that automatically slide out of the side when it is turned on. This feature helps improve sound quality. LG has also incorporated a 3.1-channel virtual surround sound system into the TV, creating an enveloping experience without the need for external speakers.

At the heart of the LG80?s sound system lies a 3.1-channel virtual surround sound system, fully incorporated into the TV itself. Most TVs can only play two audio channels without adding an external receiver and additional speakers. Stereo has been the standard for a long time, but LG decided it was time for an upgrade. LG took this system a step further, giving it 50 watts of output, compared to 20 watts for most TVs.

A total of four speakers make up the system. Extending from either side of the TV are the right and left channel speakers, which help create a sense of space. In the middle is a center channel speaker dedicated to sound in the human vocal range. This makes it easier understand conversations and dialogue. A woofer, located on the back of the TV, enhances bass making music sound fuller and allowing viewers to feel the action in hard-hitting sports and movies.

Even at its maximum volume there is no clipping and no distorted sound, thanks to LG?s unsurpassed technology. The Scarlet LG80 is also equipped with LG's Clear Voice technology, which eliminates problems with hearing human voices over the background noise in movies mixed for 5.1 channel surround sound. The Clear Voice feature alters the sound balance to emphasize human voices, reducing the background noise.

The LG80 is also designed along the same sleek lines as LG's other Scarlet series TVs, the LG60 and LG70.

The Scarlet LG80 supports 1080p and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio. Three AV modes optimize the TV's picture for movies, video games or sports by a single click of a remote control.

With a USB 2.0 connection, it is easy to access to MP3 files and connect a memory card reader to the TV and create an onscreen slideshow from JPEG files or watch digital video files. Two HDMI 1.3 ports allow for fully digital video and audio connections for devices like DVD players, cable boxes and game consoles.


- Full HD Ready 30,000:1
- AV Mode
- Glare reduction
- Home Theater Effect
- Woofer
- Clear Voice, SRS, TSXT
- USB2.0 (JPEG, MP3, DivX)
- 50W Power Sound
- 3.1 Channel Surround

Scarlet LG70, a Sophisticated New Face

LG recently announced the global launch of its most sophisticated Full HD 1080p LCD TV series, the Scarlet LG70, which incorporates all of LG?s state-of-the-art technologies.

With Intelligent Sensor, the 1080p TV is always aware of its surroundings and gives its audience an optimal viewing experience. Using an advanced algorithm with 4,096 steps,it automatically adjusts the TV's brightness according to available light to adapt for better picture, even using up to 69.5 percent less power according to recent tests by TV SD, a globally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization in Europe. I

The AV Mode of the Scarlet LG70 optimizes the picture to Cinema, Sports and Game Modes.

The Expert Mode certified by the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Picture Quality Calibration Institution, makes it possible to finely tune the picture at a professional level. It provides customized picture performance for specific room conditions, boasting up to 25 more fine adjustment points than other sets.

The set's advanced TruMotion 100 Hz (120Hz in North America) technology combined with super ISP panel eliminates motion blur and responds quicker to color changes even during fast-moving action sequences. And 24P Real Cinema technology lets them run high definition movies at 24 frames per second, as they were originally filmed. On cinema mode, the response time is 2.7 milliseconds. And 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio enables blacks to be darker, whites to be brighter and colors to be more vibrant.

The Scarlet LG70 included invisible speakers specially tuned by renowned audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson. The system also incorporates speaker actuators around the perimeter of the entire bezel, and at the same time, eliminating traditional speaker drivers and associated grilles.

LG?sClear Voice technology alters sound balance to emphasize human voices and reduce the background noise by recognizing human voice frequency (100Hz-12kHz). It amplifies dialogue so viewers never miss a word.

Scarlet LG90

The Scarlet LG90 designed for North America based upon the Scarlet LG70 model is LED backlight TV, having blue accent on the slim and sharp side line.

With the LED backlight, the TV takes care to reflect a genuine interest in consumers by featuring low power consumption and improving brightness and contrast characteristics. In general, backlight units using LEDs can operate on less power than conventional ones, which use cold cathode fluorescent lamps. LG?s LED backlight, in particular, has 128 LED cells that have bright and dark elements in one element while others use only 80 cells. This allows the TV to take more refined picture control with a contrast of 1,000,000:1.
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