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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
 PS3 Firmware v2.20 Adds BD-Live, Blu-ray LTH Support
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Message Text: When you turn on your PS3 today, you?ll be greeted with the newest system software update, v2.20, which adds support for BDA's BD-Live technology as well as support for the new LTH Blu-ray recordable media.

Following last weeks's announcement of what the new firmware would deliver, SCEa has officially released today the firmware Ver2.20 for the PS3.

The update includes the following:

- Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 (BD-LIVE) is now supported. You can now play discs that support Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 (BD-LIVE). You can connect to the Internet while playing discs that support this format so that you can obtain additional features. Features that are available vary depending on the software in use.

Copying playlists
You can use your PS3 system playlists to play songs or show photos in the order you like on your PSP system. To use this feature, your PSP system must have the following system software version:

For (Photo) playlists: version 3.80 or later
For (Music) playlists: version 3.10 or later


- The way you register (pair) Bluetooth devices has changed, and you can now register more devices. You can confirm the connection status of Bluetooth-compatible devices on your PS3 system, or connect and disconnect devices. To do so, select [Manage Bluetooth Devices] under (Settings) > (Accessory Settings) in the home menu. After selecting the device that you want to manage, press the button, and then select an option from the options menu.

- A [BD Internet Connection] setting has been added under [BD/DVD Settings]. This setting lets you decide if you want your PS3 system to connect to the Internet while playing BDs that support Profile 2.0 (BD-LIVE). By connecting to the Internet, your system can obtain additional features for the video that is playing.

- An [Audio Output Device] setting has been added under [Remote Play Settings]. With this setting, you can use your PSP system as a remote control for playing audio on your PS3 system. If your PS3 system is connected to an audio output device such as an AV receiver, you can operate the device without turning on your TV.


- You can now display an image while editing a playlist.


- You can now play a music track while editing a playlist.


- You can now play DivX and WMV files that are 2 GB or larger.

- You can now display subtitles when playing DivX files.

- You can now resume playing a DVD from the point where you previously stopped it, even if you turn off your PS3 system or eject the disc. Your system saves a record of the scene that was playing when you stopped playback so it knows where to resume playing. Note that you can also use the resume play feature on some Blu-ray Discs. You cannot use resume play on Blu-ray Discs that support BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java).

- A [Mosquito Noise Reduction] option has been added under [AV Settings] in the control panel for standard DVDs. This option lets you reduce so-called "mosquito noise," or flicker, that appears on the edge of visual images while you are watching standard DVDs. You can set the option to off or to one of three mosquito noise reduction levels.

- You can now play BD-R version 1.2 (LTH BD-R) discs. LTH, or low to high, is a recording method that supports organic dye, write-once BD-R media.


- You can now change some PS3 system settings during remote play. [Save Target] has been added as an option under [File] in the browse mode menu of the Internet browser. This option lets you save a file that is linked from a Web page, such as an image or video file, or other type of file, to your PS3 system's hard disk drive or storage media.

- The Internet browser now displays some Web pages faster.

- Using the Internet browser, you can now play a linked video file as it is being downloaded.
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