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 What is Skyfire?
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Message Text: Skyfire is a free, downloadable mobile web browser that makes browsing on your phone exactly like browsing on your PC. Now, you can use the web from your mobile phone with unprecedented speed and simplicity.

About Skyfire

Founded in April 2006, Skyfire is an exciting venture-backed innovator in mobile web browsing with a mission to dramatically improve your browsing experience on mobile phones. We created the only mobile browser that delivers both the speed and media-rich experience similar to the PC browser. For the first time, you can watch any video, listen to any music, socialize on any network and browse whatever you want. Anything you can do from your PC, you can now do from your mobile phone using Skyfire. We believe it?s going to change the way you use your mobile phone

Q: What is Skyfire?

A: Skyfire, a free downloadable browser, is the industry's only mobile browser that delivers both the speed and media-rich experience similar to the PC browser. It breaks through the consumer pain points that stifle Internet consumption on mobile phones by providing access to any web site built with any web technology at speeds comparable to a typical PC.

Q: Who is Skyfire?

A: Skyfire was founded in April 2006 by Nitin Bhandari and Erik Swenson, who serve as CEO and CTO respectively. Skyfire is backed by Trinity Ventures and Matrix Partners and has raised $4.8 million in total funding. The company is based in Mountain View, Calif. Previously, the company was in stealth mode as DVC Labs.

Q: What makes Skyfire different?

A: It's not about the browser, it's about the browsing. The web on your PC is not just static HTML anymore. Unlike many other popular mobile browsers, Skyfire supports all the modern web technologies so users can watch any web video, listen to any web music, stay connected on any social network, and browse anything they want without delays, missing content or error messages. Skyfire provides predictable access, speed, and a user experience designed to delight mobile users.

Q: What Web technologies does Skyfire support?

A: Skyfire supports the same web technologies that PC browsers support, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Ajax, QuickTime, Java, Windows Media, and more.

Q: What types of video does Skyfire support?

A: Skyfire supports embedded Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media and more. We are constantly increasing our support as we come out with new versions.

Q: What mobile phones does Skyfire support?

A: The initial private beta supports Windows Mobile 5 and 6 phones, both touch-screen and non-touch-screen, in the U.S. In the coming months, the Symbian platform will also be supported. There are other platforms and geographies on the roadmap as well.

Q: I don't have a Windows Mobile phone. Will Skyfire run on my...

A: Nokia or other Symbian phone?
A: Symbian S60 is the next platform we'll be launching on. Please sign-up if you're a Symbian user, do enter your phone model and make and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

A: We are currently investigating support for Blackberry, but it's not on our immediate roadmap.

Apple iPhone?
A: The iPhone currently doesn't support third-party applications. We would certainly investigate putting Skyfire on the iPhone when Apple offers an open SDK for development.

Palm OS phones like Treo?
A: Palm OS phones aren't supported, but Windows Mobile phones offered by Palm, like certain Treo models, are full supported.

PDAs with Wi-Fi?
A: We currently only support Mobile phones. PDAs without a phone number associated to them will not work with Skyfire for now.

Q: I have a Windows Mobile Device with Wi-Fi, but no data plan. Will I still be able to use Skyfire?

A: Yes, Windows Mobile phones with Wi-Fi are fully supported.

Q: Can Skyfire run on my VGA Windows Mobile Phone?

A: Phones with VGA displays (640 x 480 resolution), will not work with the current beta. We support a maximum resolution of 320 x 320 pixels.

Q: Is Skyfire free?

A: Currently, we have no plans of charging for Skyfire. It's a free-to-download-and-use browser for our beta users.

Q: How can I get Skyfire?

A: We're starting a private beta soon. Please click here to sign-up and we'll get you an invite as soon as we're ready to offer downloads and have the capacity to offer you a great experience.

Q: When will the private beta be available?

A: We're working hard to launch a limited beta soon. Please sign-up and we'll send you an invite on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: I don't live in the United States. Will I be able to use Skyfire?

A: Currently we are limiting Skyfire beta to mobile users in United States. If you reside outside the U.S., please sign-up for the beta and we'll notify you as soon as we support international carriers.

Q: How is Skyfire able to render the PC Web? A: Skyfire's proprietary technology enables us to support the real web both now and in the future as new web technologies are implemented. We have created a brand new architecture that's server assisted. It's an asymmetric distributed approach where the server does the heavy lifting so the client is high performing.

Q: Seriously, how does Skyfire do all of this?

A: The only way we can tell you this is if you join our team. We're hiring bright, passionate folks who want to completely change the way the Internet works on mobile phones. Click here to look up our open positions.

Download the Beta version at:

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