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Thursday, July 06, 2006
 DaTARIUS Drives Testing in Holographic Storage products
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Message Text: DaTARIUS Technologies GmbH, a leading supplier of test equipment for a broad range of optical formats, today announced that it has signed a comprehensive agreement with InPhase Technologies to be their sole sales, service, and support provider for a range of holographic media test equipment.

In addition, DaTARIUS and InPhase have signed a joint agreement for the development of future holographic test systems.

Holographic test systems are used in the manufacturing process to assure the quality of the media meets the highest specified standards. Media characteristics measured are optical flatness, dynamic range, sensitivity, read-after-write properties, and shrinkage. InPhase has developed and sells the broadest range of holographic recording materials in the world with wavelength sensitivities for red, green and blue lasers.

"There were many reasons for choosing DaTARIUS," says Rusty Rosenberger, InPhase vice president of business development. "We were impressed with the DaTARIUS reputation in the optical media industry. The company has 20 years experience in developing cutting-edge test equipment, and has expertise in opto-mechanics and data processing that links into process control. This is vital for the continued development of holographic test systems. In addition, DaTARIUS has a solid global service and support network."

James Steynor, CEO and Chairman of DaTARIUS, says, "InPhase is recognized as the world leader in holographic storage. Their expertise and innovation in both the underlying technology of holographic storage recording methods and the media puts them in a commanding position in this field. We have enjoyed this mutually beneficial association with InPhase over the past two years and are delighted to have now been chosen to work with them on test equipment solutions as they prepare to launch ground-breaking holographic storage products."

Holographic data storage offers the most credible 4th generation storage solution for optical technology. InPhase has been shipping products for optical developers since 2002. InPhase will launch its first products for the professional end user late in 2006.

The first generation InPhase Tapestry products are 300 gigabyte WORM (write once read many) drive and media with a 20 megabytes per second transfer rate. One 300GB Tapestry disk holds the equivalent to 64 DVDs. InPhase will introduce 800 GB drives and media in 2008, and 1.6 terabyte drive and media in 2010. A rewritable version of the Tapestry will be available in 2008.
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