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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
 DCA & AudioDev/DaTARIUS Partners for Automated Testing of DVD, HD DVD & Blu-ray Discs
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Message Text: DCA announces AudioDev and DaTARIUS as partners in the DiscTag Enabled program, enabling HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc to automatically test & verify replicas.

The DiscTag Enabled workflow uses a unique marker on each layer as a key to retrieve a "Gold Reference" HCRC value and XML metadata from a network location and enable automatic physical testing with HCRC logical verification. The XML metadata contains customer, catalog, format type, and job report information for each application that touches the title. HCRC values provide verification of the replica against the original source data without the need for the original source to be present, while additionally reporting individual miscompare errors by sector and radius location.

There are several possible applications for the DiscTag Enabled workflow in the replication chain, including:

-- Automatic Testing & Verification - testers & verifiers can retrieve the DiscTag marker from a replica to automatically populate the user interface and start testing/verification with no operator intervention

-- Automatic Layer Matching - testers & verifiers can retrieve the DiscTag marker on each layer to ensure that both layers belong together

-- Job Histories/Audit Trails - plant personnel can use the web-based DCA Title Manager software to lookup job history reports using either the DiscTag from a replica or a host of other parameters, including Customer Name, Catalog ID, Cut Number and Date Range.

Doug Carson, Chairman & CEO of DCA, Inc., says, "We are proud to add AudioDev to the growing number of DiscTag licensees in the authoring, mastering and testing areas. AudioDev & DCA have a long history of working together to promote innovative ideas in the industry, and DiscTag is just the latest example of a joint solution."

Marianne Sernevi, Vice President International Sales and Marketing at AudioDev says, "The combination of testing and DiscTag can truly revolutionize the workflow and make it more safe and efficient for replicators". DCA & AudioDev first pioneered the DiscTag Enabled workflow for XBOX 360 in summer 2005 for 12 facilities worldwide.

Doug Carson, Chairman & CEO of DCA, Inc., says, "DCA & DaTARIUS worked together on the first generation of this technology, and we are very excited that we have successfully integrated DiscTag with DaTARIUS and their new line of testers."

James Steynor, Chairman & CEO of DaTARIUS added, "We see this as a valuable step in allowing replicators to track and control their content throughout the production process. We are very pleased to be part of this initiative together with DCA".
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