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Tuesday, November 13, 2001
 Verbatim Offers Consumers Most Complete Line of DVD Media
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Message Text: Recognized worldwide for its engineering and manufacturing expertise in the optical media industry, Verbatim® Corporation has expanded its family of DataLifePlus® write-once and rewritable DVD media to encompass all media formats, all application requirements. The product line includes DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and DVD+RW media in capacities ranging from 3.95GB to 9.4GB

In addition, the company offers a full range of jewel case, spindle, printable surface, double-sided and tall box video media. Well-known for its quality leadership, Verbatim backs all of its DVD media with a lifetime warranty.

To maintain its leadership position, Verbatim and its parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation invest heavily in R&D efforts. With this research and more than 30 years of experience in the optical storage industry, Verbatim has achieved a number of industry firsts.

The patented Metal Azo? recording dye technology used in Verbatim's DataLifePlus DVD-R media is an exceptionally durable material that provides the highest level of recording stability and archival life as well as certified 2x recording. Metal Azo technology also maintains the best recording compatibility with the lower laser wavelengths and higher laser powers needed to write DVD media at high speeds. The advanced recording dye will be featured in Verbatim's DVD+R media and higher-speed DVD-R media.

Verbatim's rewritable DVD discs incorporate Super-Eutectic phase-change recording layer technology, a breakthrough process developed for its 10x CD-RW media. The Super-Eutectic recording layer extends the capabilities of proven phase-change optical recording to provide noise-free playback. It also enhances the media's read/write performance and longevity, ensuring that repeated recording and playback will not cause any deterioration in picture or sound quality.

The growing demand for DVD media is being driven by increased sales of recordable drives. In 2001, market researcher Dataquest expects manufacturers will ship 1.8 million DVD recordable drives -- for all formats -- up from 585,000 units last year. Dataquest predicts the number will reach 13.8 million units by 2004.

DVD-R General was developed for business and consumer applications – data archiving and one-time video recording. Delivering certified 2X write speed performance, Verbatim DVD-R General media provides businesses, banks, insurance companies, law firms, medical facilities and government agencies with the security they need for recording and archiving large volumes of information that cannot be accidentally or maliciously altered. The low storage cost, 100-year data life and broad compatibility also make DVD-R General media ideal for small-scale distribution of DVD content. DVD-R general discs can be played back by most of the DVD-ROM drives and video players in use today. For ultra-high capacity storage applications, the company was the first to introduce double-sided 9.4GB media that is fully compatible with today's mass storage jukeboxes and libraries.

Compatible with DVD-R General drives from Pioneer, Apple, Compaq, Sony, Panasonic and other leading manufacturers, Verbatim DVD-R General media are available in both branded and blank printable surface configurations. Tested to ensure compatibility with the latest inkjet and thermal disc printers, the blank surface media can be customized to provide professional-looking discs for limited production runs. For volume prototyping and other applications that use a large number of discs, Verbatim provides DVD-R media on 20 and 50 disc spindles.

Verbatim also offers a complete range of 4.7GB DVD-R discs for professional authoring and 3.95GB DVD-R media which is compatible with both 3.95GB and 4.7GB DVD-R for Authoring drives.

DVD-RW is a re-recordable format based on DVD-R technology that allows users to record, erase and re-record DVD discs more than 1,000 times. Verbatim's Super-Eutectic phase-change recording layer technology optimizes the DVD-RW media's read/write performance and lifetime. Like the other recordable DVD technologies, DVD-RW supports disc-at-once recording and incremental writing. Information is recorded to a DVD-RW disc sequentially. Available with a capacity of 4.7GB, Verbatim DVD-RW media will store any type of digital information such as video, audio, images, multimedia titles and data files. Verbatim DVD-RW discs are compatible with drives and video recorders from Pioneer, Compaq, Sony and other manufacturers. Recorded discs are also read-compatible with most DVD-Video players and DVD-ROM drives.

DVD-RAM is a rewritable format that provides more than 100,000 write/rewrite cycles, a 30-year data life and built-in error correction. The media is suitable for both computer and home entertainment use because it has both fixed bit rate (data) and variable bit rate (real time video) capabilities as well as random read and write capabilities. Instant access to specific sections of the disc and the ability to write and erase individual sectors speed video development because users can quickly jump back and forth from one scene to another during editing. Verbatim's DVD-RAM family includes 4.7GB bare disc and removable-cartridge discs as well as double-sided 5.2GB and 9.4GB media in protective cartridges. The applications for DVD-RAM include data archiving, data backup and near-online data libraries, as well as professional and personal multimedia/video authoring. Verbatim DVD-RAM discs are compatible with drives and video recorders from Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, LaCie, QPS and other manufacturers.

DVD+RW – Certified for 2.4x recording - the industry's fastest DVD recording speed, Verbatim 4.7GB DVD+RW (ReWritable) media is used by consumers for both audio/video and data storage applications. For video applications, the DVD+RW format uses advanced "lossless linking" technology, which allows the use of variable, bit rate recording for longer playback. Verbatim's DVD+RW media will also simplify the task of combining digital video and digital data in multimedia applications. Because DVD+RW incorporates multi-session writing technology, users can quickly add documents, data and video segments without having to constantly open and close write sessions. For PC applications, the DVD+RW format uses CAV (constant angular velocity) recording, which means the disc rotates at a constant speed during recording to provide fast, random-access reading of the disc. In addition, the technology incorporates extensive defect management to ensure that data is accurately written to and read from the disc. Compatible with DVD+R

Drawing on its proven track record for CD-R technology innovation, Verbatim will be among the first to offer DVD+R, the logical extension of CD-R technology. With the new DVD+R write-once media, users will have a reliable, low-cost storage solution for archiving home videos, photos, mixed media presentations and documents that they want to protect from alteration or erasure. Verbatim DVD+R media will offer the same broad compatibility with DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players as DVD+RW.

Verbatim, works closely with standards organizations such OSTA, ISO, and ANSI as well as the DVD Forum and the RWPPI to stay ahead of market demand. Verbatim and its parent company, Mitsubishi® Chemical Company (MCC), are also original members of the group of industry leaders that developed the DVD+RW format.

Pricing, Availability

Available for immediate delivery from authorized resellers worldwide, DataLifePlus DVD media street prices are $9.95 for the 4.7GB DVD-R General media, $19.95 for 4.7GB DVD-RW discs, $16.00 for 4.7GB DVD+RW media, $19.95 for the 4.7GB DVD-RAM media and $35 for 9.4GB double-sided DVD-RAM media.
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