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Thursday, August 11, 2005
 AOpen delivers 64-bit Cube PC - EX761
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Message Text: AOpen presents its latest 64-bit XC Cube platform, a PC featuring powerful audio and video capabilities - the EX761.

Supports 64-bit Windows XP
EX761, which has a 754-pin socket and supports AMD? Athlon 64 and Sempron CPUs, is one of the first generation of Cube PCs which can run 64-bit Windows XP operating system.

Among the key advantages of the system is its readiness for the 64-bit future because it can run today?s 32-bit and tomorrow?s 64-bit (application) software. It provides affordable 64-bit performance and satisfies customers? future need.

Strong digital home entertainment AV functions
Because the system offers S/PDIF and coaxial cable outputs, EX761 can be connected to high quality digital audio output devices such as amplifiers and multi-channel speakers.

Powerful gaming features
EX761 is also designed to support strong gaming features. The DirectX9 compliant system is built with integrated 3D gaming logic, a Mirage graphics core, 256-bit 3D acceleration engine, which has an extremely high bandwidth of 3.2GB per second.

The ideal chipsets to support AMD64 platforms -- SiS 761GX
The versatile functions of the EX761 are implemented with the SiS 761GX and 965 chipsets. SiS761GX is the perfect chip and the first product of its kind to support AMD64 platforms with a PCI Express x16 high-speed graphics interface. The SiS761GX is equipped with a 3D graphics core, and fully supports new generation AMD64 central processors, including the AMD Sempron? and Athlon?64.

Supporting the newest high speed PCIe x 16, the SiS761GX allows gamers to add an external PCI Express graphics card for the ultimate graphics performance. In addition to its highly efficient Mirage?1 graphics core and software support for DirectX 9.0, the SiS761GX is capable of dual screen output when paired with the SiS307 video bridge chip. Aimed at gamers in the mainstream market, the SiS761GX's internal graphics core provides ample graphics functionality, thereby eliminating the need to purchase an additional graphics card. Gamers once again enjoy high system efficiency thanks to the flexibility of SiS products.

SiS965 southbridge
The SiS965 southbridge chip is one of the most advanced products on the market today that supports PCI Express, Serial ATA and Gigabit Ethernet specifications. Its innovative design puts it at the top of its class in performance, and its outstanding quality provides the maximum data transmission efficiency.

The SiS965 PCI Express chipset is compatible with 32-bit operating system, and allow for future upgrade to a 64-bit operating system ? yet another demonstration of AOpen's commitment to satisfying a wide range of users.

Addressing the need for data access efficiency in servers and workstations, the SiS965 chipset supports RAID 0,1, 0+1 and JBOD functions, providing users rapid access to hard disk data, intelligent redundant backup functionality, and secure file management. These functions eliminate problems such as slow data access speeds for IT service personnel, and alleviate the problem of data intrusion.

The SiS965 chipset's integrated Gigabit MAC controller offers speeds up to 1GB per second. With high-speed broadband networks, the SiS965 chipset offers the best quality and efficiency and meets all expectations when transferring large volumes of data. Designed for the real-time network packet, the SiS965 provides shared bandwidth, avoids slowed data transfer, and effectively relieves transfer bottlenecks, improving network connectivity.

In addition, the SiS965 chipset also supports new generation Serial ATA hard drives, which, in comparison with the SCSI interface design, allows for faster transmission speeds and more economical equipment costs, all at an optimal price.

The EX761 is built with two DIMM slots for DDR400 memory modules so that the total on-board memory is expandable to 2GB.

The system is built with PCI and PCI Express x16 slots, ALC655 Codec which supports AC97 5.1 - channel audio. The front panel comes with USB 2.0, 1394, SPDIF, microphone, earphone connectors, while its real panel is built with 1394, Serial, PS/2, USB 2.0, LAN, VGA, parallel, SPDIF, audio, analog, coaxial output, and gigabit PCI Express LAN connectors.

Proprietary CPU cooler
In addition to the strong audio/video performance, EX761 is built with a unique and proprietary CPU cooler which contains heat dissipation liquid inside the heat pipe and supports better thermal performance.

Moreover, the new product inherits the other features of AOpen's XC Cube series PCs, including easy assembly, disassembly, aesthetic housing design, silence, and high expandability.

Easily accessible connectors
Furthermore, the system provides four USB 2.0 ports - two on the front panel, two on the rear panel, and two on-board. Those users who want to have more USB ports can add an AOpen XC Cube Expander which can provide more USB connectors to the users. Two 1394 connectors (one 4-pin and one 6-pin) are accessible from the front panel and one 6-pin 1394 connector from the rear panel.

The compact EX761 comes with a 275W (20 Pin W/8cm fan) power supply and measures only 190 mm (W) x 200 mm (H) x 320 mm (D). The system weighs 8.4 lb. or 3.8 kg.

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