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Friday, June 03, 2005
 BenQ Chooses Seagate 400GB DB35 Series For DVD+R Models
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Message Text: Seagate announced that BenQ Corporation has chosen Seagate as the sole provider of hard drives for BenQ's new DE350 DVD+R.

Seagate will provide its DB35 Series disc drives to BenQ, and both companies plan to work closely on additional leading-edge DVD+R lines using Seagate storage technology. BenQ's DE350 DVD+R is available in three configurations - 160GB, 250GB and 400 GB.

The Seagate DB35 Series hard drive with DynaPlay technology delivers up to 10 simultaneous streams of TV, and lets manufacturers custom-tune the drive for optimal DVR performance. This breakthrough feature set optimizes the drive for video performance, power consumption control and content security. And because it's from Seagate, the drive provides long-haul reliability for virtually worry-free DVR operation, year after year. DB35 features enhanced G-Force Protection with high non-operating shock specification, providing high reliability and durability.

The BenQ DE350 makes it easy to burn a large amount of recorded programming from its hard disk to DVD+R. With up to 15x write speeds, the DE350 needs a mere four minutes to complete a DVD with a full hour of program content (in SLP mode on 4x discs). BenQ's exclusive precise true-to-life recording technique consists of a digital comb filter and recording correction to ensure data fidelity, image stability and quality. The built-in 32 bit-recording chip supports MPEG-2 encoding and decoding functions in order to achieve superb video recording.

Based on direct customer input at its CE Design Service Centers, Seagate developed the DB35 Series hard drive to deliver the features CE manufacturers ask for - quiet acoustics, high reliability and top streaming performance. Seagate's unique Advanced Manufacturing capabilities give customers flexibility; automated factory lines that can adapt rapidly to meet unexpected requirements during a sudden demand swell for a popular CE system.

Seagate consumer electronics engineers are ready to help customers solve integration issues at the Seagate's unique Design Service Centers (DSC). DSC provides dedicated labs to help device makers and channel system integrators design innovative new consumer electronics products. DSC offers a variety of testing, integration and mechanical analysis services, to help customers design, innovate and deliver a new world of hard drive-capable entertainment. Seagate is the only hard drive company to provide CE manufacturers with a comprehensive partnership: products, technology and services.

About DynaPlay technology

DVR manufacturers need storage performance that fits their individual systems. The DB35 Series hard drive with DynaPlay technology redefines value for high video capacities and gives manufacturers optimized drive performance in the DVR, offering -

* Performance tuned for the sequential streaming needed for uninterrupted digital media.

* Content protection that enhances fair use of digital programming by helping manufacturers implement appropriate digital rights management technologies.

* Power consumption optimization that provides the manufacturer with flexibility when designing the system power architecture.
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