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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
 Memory-Tech develops Laser Beam Recorder for HD DVD
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Message Text: Memory-Tech Corporation completed the world-first 375nm semiconductor laser based LBR for HD DVD jointly with ACSES Co., Ltd.. The cost-effective and high-performance LBR will be sold and supported in the worldwide market through distributors.

The brand-new LBR will allow disc manufacturers to use existing CD and DVD mastering mass production process lines for HD DVD with the same quality as the current DVD.

Previously Memory-Tech has been using 351nm krypton laser for HD DVD test production. But the problem was that the mastering for the full face HD DVD took 3 hours. The 375nm semiconductor LBR reduces the full face mastering process to 2 hours.

The typical mastering research says that shorter UV laser based LBR is better for high-density track pitch disc. However, Memory-Tech broke through technical challenges using direct optical modulation and controlling write electronic signal waveform. The new 375nm LBR mastering accomplished much better electronic signal characteristics in a more stable manner than the 351nm LBR.

ACSES, who co-developed the 375nm LBR jointly with Memory-Tech, will manufacture and distribute the system. The system price will be US$1.1M and the sales target for the first year is 20. The laser of the system was developed by Memory-Tech and Omicron in Germany. The 375nm laser will be available from Japan Laser Corporation, the distributor for Omicron in Japan.

Memory-Tech will also refine the mastering process using the current laser and LBR to accomplish high quality and high speed HD DVD mastering.

Expecting the HD DVD product launch by the end of the year, the establishment of reliable and high speed mastering technology is imperative worldwide. The brand-new semiconductor LBR will allow disc manufacturers to provide high quality stampers in a large supply with competitive price. Memory-Tech believes that the HD DVD mass production technology has been completed and become ready for the product launch with the introduction of the semiconductor LBR.

Memory-Tech continues to develop key hardware and software technologies to contribute to the HD DVD format launch and successful penetration.

"The basic concept of HD DVD is to realize seamless format transition using the existing DVD technology and business assets. The new semiconductor laser LBR Memory-Tech developed matches with the HD DVD format concept."said Mr. Hisashi Yamada, Chief Fellow of Toshiba Corporation's Digital Media Network Company. "It will largely contribute to the HD DVD mastering quality improvement and stable HD DVD disc supplies."
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