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Thursday, April 07, 2005
 AOpen unveils most advanced ?green? technology
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Message Text: AOpen announced the most advanced proprietary thermal dissipation technology for its new XC Cube personal computers.

According to Bernie Tsai, president of the company, the new proprietary thermal dissipation technology is unique in the way thermal power is detected and reduced before heat is generated by the CPU. ?The new technology is based on CPU loading forecast,? Tsai explained.

AOpen?s new coming XC Cube such as EZ855-II and EY855-II are extremely quiet even running 3D games with full CPU workload. When tested by third party lab, EY855-II is still as quiet as no more 24db, which can barely be heard in a distance of 2 feet (about 60cm). The software stored in an integrated circuit (firmware) on the printed circuit board can forecast the loading of a CPU before the CPU starts to execute the instructions stored in its instruction queue.

The CPU loading forecast feature is accomplished by an intelligent algorithm which combines AOpen?s hardware, software, and firmware technical know-how to achieve the utmost performance in heat dissipation and noise reduction. The system will optimize the rotation speed of the cooling fan after it has calculated the possible heat to be generated by the CPU according to the CPU?s working conditions and other system parameters.

Conventional heat reduction technology simply increases or decreases the rotation speed of the cooling fan in order to lower the temperature of the CPU according to the temperatures measured after the heat has been generated. But that method is a passive approach that only seeks to lower the temperature of the system after the system has become too hot. It can not prevent the system from generating excessive heat. After the temperature has risen too high, it is too late to deal with heat dissipation problem. Moreover, acceleration of cooling fan?s rotation rates increases noises and power consumption. ?The conventional way tried to reduce heat after heat had been built up,? said Simon K.J. Lee, product manager of AOpen?s XC Cube Business Division, ?our heat control algorithm reduces heat before heat is generated.? AOpen has been making enormous R&D efforts in heat dissipation technology.

AOpen?s technology is more energy and cost efficient. ?To reduce heat before it is generated is more power efficient because the system is not required to operate the cooling fan at full speed. AOpen?s head dissipation algorithm can adjust the rotation speeds of the fan based on the temperature change in the last three, 10, and 30 seconds. With this unique technology, the system only has to increase its speed slightly. This is how we make our product and technology more environmental,? Lee elaborated. As a result, AOpen?s products consume less power, generate less heat and noises.
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