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Saturday, January 15, 2005
 TDK Launches WORM type LTO Ultrium 3 Data Cartridge
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Message Text: TDK Corporation has developed the D2406W-LTO3, a WORM-type (Write Once Read Many) LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridge for the LTO (Linear Tape-Open) Ultrium format.

Available now, this new LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridge, is ideal for storing protected data with its ?write once, read many times? capacity. It is also capable of storing a large 400GB of data and has a rapid 80MB/s data transfer rate.

The LTO Ultrium 3 WORM cartridge follows the launch of TDK?s rewritable LTO Ultrium 3 data cartridge, the world's first to pass certification testing by the CVE (Compliance Verification Entity), the organisation responsible for certifying LTO standardisation.*3

Businesses such as medical institutions and Government agencies need to store a variety of data. Some of this data, such as public documents at Government bureaus, electronic patient records at hospitals, or financial or tax data, cannot, by legal requirement, be erased or altered, and must be retained for a specific duration. The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States, for example, requires that securities brokerage houses retain records for a number of years, thus obliging the use of storage media that cannot be overwritten or erased. *4

TDK has also incorporated an exclusively designed ultra-fine metal "Super Finavinx" within the LTO3 cartridge. Super Finavinx was designed by TDK to ensure low error rate and stand up to repeated usage of the cartridge. Super Finavinx contains magnetic particles, ultra-thin dual-layer coating technology and high-precision slitter technology for high-accuracy tape cutting, and stabilised recording and playback of data and servo signals in the LTO Ultrium 3 format.

A two-tone colour cartridge, with blue-grey for the shell's upper half and light-grey for the lower half, simplifies visual differentiation as a write-once type cartridge.

Main Features of TDK's D2406W-LTO3 LTO Ultrium 3 Data Cartridge:

1. High-reliability WORM-type cartridge prevents erasure or alteration of data, making it ideal for long-term archival use.

2. Incorporates high-performance "Super Finavinx" metal magnetic particles developed exclusively for LTO Ultrium 3.

3. The ultra-thin, dual-layer tape coating technology, stabilised data and servo signals are included in the cartridge. TDK has developed an ultra-thin, dual-layer coating technology in which the tape is composed of a non-magnetic layer (lower layer) and magnetic layer (upper layer). In this manufacturing method the boundary between upper and lower layers is extremely sharp, and produces precision control of the coating thickness at the nanometer order. LTO Ultrium 3 tape produces both stable, high-output data signals and accurate servo signals.

4. High output, low-noise tape achieves stable, low error rate performance. Use of ultra-fine "Super Finavinx" metal magnetic particles; ultra-smooth base film; ultra-thin dual-layer coating technology; and tape surface smoothing technology combine to produce high output with low noise. Stable, low error rate performance is achieved throughout the length of the tape.

5. Electron Beam Curing EB binder and thermo-setting TDC binder provide high durability. To ensure that the non-magnetic (lower) layer and magnetic (upper) layer of TDK LTO Ultrium 3 tape can deliver their optimum performance of their respective compositions, two types of binders --- EB (Electron Beam Curing) and thermo-setting TDC (Three Dimensional Compound) --- are used. These result in the forming of a tough molecular structure within the coating of both upper and lower layers, creating a highly durable and reliable data tape that stands up to repeated hard usage.

6. Base film with outstanding dimensional stability and cutting by means of high-precision slitter boost accuracy of servo signals. TDK uses an ultra-smooth base film in LTO Ultrium 3 tape that is highly resistant to ambient temperature and humidity, external stress, etc., ensuring its resistance to shrinkage or deformities. The use of a high-precision slitter cuts the tape width to 12.65mm, providing a tape with outstanding dimensional stability. This ensures improved tape run stability and also elevates the precision of the servo signal, ensuring accurate read/write of data.

7. For added reliability, high-precision cartridge mechanism ensures precision access with the drive. To ensure greater tape run stability for the LTO Ultrium 3, TDK has developed and put into use a cartridge mechanism that gives even greater precision and reliability. The leader pin, which serves as the point of access with the drive and which serves as the key to durability, boasts precision to the degree of one-fifth the aberration in the standard specifications; and the circular precision of the reel drum that winds the tape giving an aberration of below one-fourth the standard specifications. The cartridge gives steady protection to the tape inside, making it a high-reliability cartridge mechanism that ensures stable tape run.

8. Blue-grey and light-grey two-tone colour cartridge for visual recognition. Use of a two-tone colour cartridge, with blue-grey for the shell's upper half and light-grey for the lower half, simplifies visual differentiation as a WORM-type cartridge.
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