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Monday, November 01, 2004
 MediaMax Version 5.0 Expands Business Opportunities Beyond the Protection of Audio CDs
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Message Text: SunnComm has finalized the newest version of its technology.

MediaMax Version 5 now enables SunnComm to pursue additional lucrative revenue opportunities outside the core music business initiative of protecting commercial audio CDs. These new areas include protecting and enhancing CD+G formatted Karaoke CDs, On-demand audio and video downloading from the Internet, DVD protection for movies and stand-alone music kiosks that allow consumers to create legal compilation CDs from licensed reputable online music sources, to name just a few.

Independent third party testing of MediaMax Version 5, in addition to the extensive testing and review by many of the large record labels, is complete. The final testing results are extremely positive which validates that SunnComm has a finished product that is ready for rollout in the US market and ready for deployment around the world. SunnComm's chief technology officer, Eric Vandewater, confirms, "We are very pleased with the validation and confirmation of the extensive testing platform required to release MediaMax products into the market. I am instituting a MediaMax product code freeze at this point, so our sales and operation division can get this newest edition into production immediately. This Version 5.0 suite of products is far more than just an update to our current product being used today in the US market. It incorporates breakthrough technological advancements like On-the-Fly Technology(TM) that have never been accomplished before in a commercially released program. The technology has performed beyond our expectations in every tested environment and we are prepared to move forward quickly."

Prior to MediaMax Version 5

(, CD copy management applications that involved DRM-protected songs required the content to be encoded and stored on the CD itself in what is referred to as a "second session or data session." The MediaMax Version 5 platform allows copyrighted digital music to be encoded with the required DRM security information and instantaneously delivered to the consumer's computer in real time, or 'on-the-fly' directly from the audio content on the CD. Utilizing this new product means there is no longer a need to store 'pre-protected' copies of each music track on the disc and it also means there is more room for music and other enhanced bonus features on each new release. It is important to recognize the value proposition provided by the newest version of MediaMax in order to understand that this new platform reduces any potential publisher royalty liability the labels might incur when a second protected copy of every track is placed on the CD.

In addition to SunnComm's proprietary On-the-Fly Technology, MediaMax Version 5.0 features another component called Secure Burn(TM). SecureBurn allows the consumer to make personal backup copies of the CD, however these backup copies are protected and will inhibit the user's ability to make a copy of the copy on their computer.

SunnComm's MediaMax Division VP, Michal Avniel, affirms, "Most of our independent record label customers have decided to begin integrating MediaMax Version 5 into their commercial releases immediately. Our major label clients will start to use Version 5 on a number of promo and prerelease CDs already scheduled and will be incorporating it in their commercial release schedule by year-end."

SunnComm's MediaMax suite of products delivers security for digital CD audio along with an enhanced consumer experience that provides additional bonus content and value-added features available in a user-friendly multi-media session that is mastered directly on the audio CD and accessible using a personal computer. Bonus features include on-board press kits, artist-related promotions, videos, song lyrics, artist bio page, photo gallery, web links and tune-sharing capability through SunnComm's MusicMail(TM) functionality. MusicMail or TuneShare is an interface for the legal authorized sharing of selected song tracks with friends & family for a pre-determined number of days or plays. CD buyers can share music legitimately without illegal file sharing networks and without tying up their email system with huge files. This is a powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool for the record labels. Metrics associated with forwarded MusicMail files are available to SunnComm's record label customers on a 24/7/365 basis.
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