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Monday, October 25, 2004
 ABIT Launches the NF8
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Message Text: ABIT Engineering comes to the nForce3 platform.

ABIT took the overclocking world by storm with the release of the legendary NF7 motherboard. With breakneck performance and BulletProof stability, the NF7 represented the yardstick by which all nForce 2 based motherboards were judged. Today, ABIT launches the follow up to the nForce juggernaut - the NF8 motherboard. Combining the best of ABIT and nForce technologies, the legend of ABIT nForce motherboards continues with the NF8.

nForce 3 - ABIT Style
By utilizing the NVIDIA nForce 3 250Gb chipset, the NF8 delivers outstanding networking, security, and storage capabilities to the Athlon 64 platform. The NF8 features a Gigabit Ethernet LAN controller that is integrated into the nForce MCP. By including an Ethernet controller that does not rely on the PCI bus, the NF8 greatly reduces latency and over all system performance. In fact, the NF8 delivers a whopping 200% bandwidth improvement for ultra-fast data transfers. Managing your network is easy with the NF8?s built-in Network Access Manager. Just fire up your favorite browser for access to a multitude of networking settings.

The NF8 also secures your system against nefarious Internet hackers with the integrated NV Firewall. The NV Firewall delivers superb anti-hacking protection built directly into the nForce MCP. By using a hardware-based solution instead of a software-based one, the NF8 not only delivers exceptional anti-hacking protection with instant on capability, but also lower CPU utilization for outstanding performance. Use the web-based Network Access Manager to view and modify the firewall on the NF8. Keeping your system safe is easy with the NF8.

For storage performance, the NF8 includes NV RAID which enables the user to use RAID 0, 1, and 0+1 modes. With RAID functionality, the NF8 can deliver over a 40% improvement in storage performance. What?s more, the NF8 enables RAID functionality across SATA and PATA channels for extreme flexibility.

The NF8 also includes exclusive ABIT technologies that simply aren?t found on other motherboards. Engineered for the PC enthusiast, the NF8 is built with extreme stability and performance in mind. The NF8 uses 100% Japanese capacitors for ultimate reliability. Also, the NF8?s layout is specifically designed to provide stable power output to CPU, DDR, AGP and PCI devices, ensuring that a system built upon the NF8 is rock-solid stable. To aid in keeping the system cool, ABIT includes OC Strips that help transfer heat away from the PCB and lower overall system temperatures. With quality components and superior design, users can count on ABIT Engineering to deliver a platform that is both powerful and stable.

For tweakheads and performance freaks, the NF8 also uses ABIT?s legendary SoftMenu? technology, which offers unprecedented control over system operating parameters. ABIT EQ? has been included to allow users to monitor critical system information in an easy-to-use Windows interface, and FlashMenu? allows users to keep their systems up-to-date with 1-click BIOS updating functionality.

Fully Featured for the Future
The NF8 is built upon the NVIDIA nForce 3 250Gb chipset, which supports the latest Socket 754 AMD Athlon 64 and Sempron CPUs. 1.6 GHz HyperTransport Technology enables massive overall system bandwidth to drive the latest 3D games and applications, and Cool n? Quiet Technology ensures that the system remains cool in the heat of competition. 2 DDR 400 DIMM slots support a whopping 2GB of memory. Storage options are taken care of with the 2 SATA ports and 2 IDE ports that adorn the NF8, making future storage expansion a simple task. Built-in USB 2.0 allows the NF8 to connect to the hottest high-speed peripherals, and optional IEEE 1394 functionality is a godsend for multimedia buffs. With a robust feature set, the NF8 makes an ideal backbone for your Athlon 64-based dream rig.

Built with Bulletproof Technology
Like all ABIT motherboards, the NF8 is built with Bulletproof Technology - a new standard in terms of Quality, Reliability, Stability, and Engineering. Bulletproof Technology begins with selecting the highest quality components available. ABIT uses only Japanese-made capacitors on ABIT branded motherboards - capacitors that cost several times more than regular capacitors. While others try to cut components, ABIT puts quality first. Bulletproof Technology also means stability. The NF8 has passed the Torture Test, a series of looping demos and benchmarks designed to tax the board far beyond normal use. If the motherboard has been Torture Tested and Passed, it is built to last. Reliability is another component of Bulletproof Technology. To help users identify devices and components that are problem-free with ABIT motherboards, ABIT has developed its ABIT Approved Program. After hardware has passed compatibility testing, it is given the ABIT Approved Seal. The ABIT Approved Seal lets ABIT users understand which devices and components they should be choosing to complete their systems. Add to all of this exclusive ABIT Engineered features such as OC Strips, and the NF8 is truly in a class by itself.

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