VideoCD 2.0

AudioCDs and CD-ROMs are very different. The binary data on each type of CD is fundamentally distinct (music vs data). Now, VideoCD 2.0, a third type of CD, designed for interactive multi-media and more is here! VideoCD 2.0 is as different from CD-ROM as CD-ROM is unlike CD-Audio.VideoCD is more structurally advanced than CD-ROM or CD-Audio. It provides full-screen and full-motion video. VideoCD works in CD-ROM drives.VideoCD 2.0 also works using both TVs and computers. PAL and NTSC TV systems are also both supported using inexpensive, stand-alone players. 'Interactivity' lets you jump from anywhere to anywhere, like CD-ROM. 'Still' photos and sound in varying quality resolutions are another part of VideoCD 2.0. CD-Audio, CD-ROM and VideoCD 2.0 'tracks' can all be used together on one CD and recorded together using many existing CD-Recorders! Use VideoCD 2.0 on CD-Recordable as a new, practical, communications tool.

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