Red Book

Red-Book is the first defined standard for a CD and defines the format of an audio CD. CDs of this kind are CD-DA (Digital Audio). This format makes it possible to save up to 74 minutes of uncompressed digital audio data at a fixed frequency of 44.1 kHz Sampling at 16 Bit and stereo channel. An audio CD consists of several audio tracks, whereby, as a general rule, a track corresponds to a song. Every track is divided into sectors/blocks which have a fixed length of 2352 Bytes. A Sector is addressed with minute:second:Sector. To also be able to read scratched or dirty CDs, a procedure for error correction was aslo set out. This error correction uses CIRC (Cross-Interleaved-Reed-Solomon-Code). In this the data is collected into blocks and a check sum is made up of each line and column. If an error occurs, then based on the incorrect horizontal and vertical checksum the error can be located and corrected.

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