2352 bytes RAW Data + 96 Bytes P-W Subchannel Data. It allows writing of all subchannel information, including Digital Signatures, CD-Text, ISRC, Catalog Numbers, CD+G, CD+Midi, Gaps, Indices and Crazy TOCs.

DAO RAW 96 is only necessary for LibCrypt. LibCrypt doesn't REALLY need the R-W SubChannels. Like SecuROM, the protection is stored in sub-Q. You can read as RAW 16. So CDRWin can read SecuROM and LibCrypt just not in the normal "BIN/CUE" way. You have to do "read sectors".

When *writing* in 16 byte mode, the drive corrects the CRC of sub-Q. When writing in 96-byte mode, the drive doesn't correct anything. The extra 80 bytes (Sub R-W) don't do anything helpful for LibCrypt/SecuROM. 96-byte mode just disables CRC correction, and that's all that LibCrypt needs more than SecuROM!

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