Optimum Write Speed Control

The Optimum Write Speed Control function that automatically adjusts writing speed to the optimum level for each kind of disc. Simply by setting the writing speed at 20X, the CRW2200 checks the characteristics and conditions of the inserted disc and automatically selects the maximum optimum writing speed for the disc to ensure data reliability when the disc is read back by CD-ROM drives or CD players.

Plextor, Sanyo and Ricoh have similar systems with can drop down writing speed. Due to the lack of P-CAV technology other drives can only reduce the speed from 24x to 20x or 16X (all speeds are CLV) while Yamaha's Optimum Write Speed Control can set the maximum writing speed more flexibly, at 20X, 19X, 18X, 17X, 16X, 12X and 8X.

The Optimum Write Speed Control is enabled by default but you can be turned off within the recording software. If the drive finds the recording quality good it can rise up the recording speed from 12x up to 20x (which however we must note never witnessed). With the Nero software you can notice the speed dropdown since a warning message appears (among with the increased writing time).

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