Best drive for CloneCD
I'm in the market for a good cdrw drive, mainly for use with clone cd. i'm looking into the lite-on 16x, plextor 16x, teac 12x, tdk 16x and the ricoh 20x. Any suggestions?

I believe all those drives are good (Plextor probably the best). But if your main use is with CloneCD and you want the backup copy to work in a drive other than the one that you used to burn it, I don't think any of those drives will do the trick with "Safedisk 2" protected CD's. Most (about 75% in North America) newer game CD's being released at the moment are protected with SD2. Only Acer, Phillips, and a few select others can perfectly back-up these CD's with CloneCD. Or you can obtain a game crack file and apply it after installing the game but then you won't be able to update the game. Also, Acer 1208a can write any protection on the market now. it can't read subchannel data like is used on securom, libcrypt, and other protections. if you have a cd reader like a toshiba that can read this you can burn anything. they are also reasonably priced.

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