The drive stops operating and the last line is "Verifying DMI Pool Data..."

DMI (Desktop Management Interface) is an industry interface for keeping track of and monitoring the status of components in a system of desktop personal computers. The DMI was created by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF). Each component in a PC system must provide a Management Information File (MIF) that describes its characteristics.

There is a problem with the DMI. This is the last item that is checked during the Power On Self Test (POST). Usually a lockup during verification indicates that a change of hardware has been made and, simply put, the BIOS cannot properly recognize it.

If you suspect your hard drive to be the cause of the problem, make sure that the drive is set up properly and that LBA is enabled. If you recently installed Windows, boot with a Windows startup diskette and at the A:> prompt, type "sys c:" (ignore the quotes). If this does not fix your problem, a complete re-install of the Operating System is the normal cure.

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