Where can I find an interface card to use with your FC drive?

Seagate drives are manufactured to a specific standard (SCSI, ATA, MFM, FC, etc.), not to a specific hardware platform. Contact your system manufacturer or vendor for information on Fibre channel host adapters compatible with your specific configuration.

Seagate Fibre channel drives are designed to be installed into a backplane enclosure with the appropriate 40-pin SCA connector. An adapter is necessary if you will be installing Fibre channel device into a system without the appropriate enclosure/backplane. The appropriate adapter will convert the 40-pin SCA interface connector to a connection with discrete interface and power connectors.

A Fibre Channel Evaluation Kit, which contains the adapter and two drive interconnect cables is available from CS Electronics (949-475-9100, www.scsi-cables.com).

Cabling between Controller and Adapter. An external cable is needed to attach the Fibre Channel host adapter to the Twin-Ax 3-pin connectors on the adapter. This cable is available from different sources (Gore Electronics at 800-414-4152, P/N FCN1025; or CS Electronics). This cable may only be available in segments; one segment HSSDC to DB9 male, and one segment DB9 female to two Twin-Ax 3-pin connectors. One cable or cable set is required per host adapter.

Using this FC Evaluation Kit, multiple drives can be connected together to form a continuous loop. One evaluation kit/adapter is needed per drive. Interconnections between drives on the loop are made with the interconnect cables included with the evaluation kit.

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