Quantum® ATA hard disk drives not reporting as SMART compliant under Windows 95 or 95A.
Applies to all Fireball and Bigfoot hard drives that support Ultra ATA , Ultra ATA/66
Please review Article ID:Q158238 in Microsoft's Knowledge Base to determine which version of Windows 95 you are running.

The ATAPI IDE driver in the retail version of Microsoft Windows 95 does not include native support for SMART. SMART is the ability for certain programs to predict whether a hard disk failure is imminent. Microsoft corrected this problem in versions following Windows 95/95A.

If you have Norton Utilities versions 2.0 or 3.0 installed (which provided support for SMART under Windows 95), be certain to enable the Norton SMART sensor by executing SMARTDRV.EXE from the SMARTDRV folder on the Norton Utilities CD-ROM.

For further reference please review Microsoft Knowledge Base Article ID:154435 - "Windows 95 IDE Support for SMART, DMA, and ATAPI Tape Drives".

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