I can read and write from my hard disk, but I can't boot from it (Drive won't boot).

Sometimes the master boot record on a hard disk may become corrupted as a result of installing other operating systems or a boot sector virus. When this happens, attempt to re-write the MBR by booting the system with a bootable floppy diskette that has a copy of fdisk.exe (the version of fdisk.exe must be the same revision as your Operating System). At the A: prompt type `FDISK /MBR' (leave out the quotes). If that doesn't work, there are other ways to purge the MBR though the use of debug routines, Disk Manager and Data Eraser software packages. Consult your Operating System vendor for assistance with this to determine if this is an Operating System issue.

On an ATA drive try these troubleshooting steps:
  • Make sure the jumper setting is correct for your system's configuration.
  • If one has been used, check the add on ATA adapter card. You may have to contact the ATA adapter card manufacture fot tips on how to test thier product.
  • Make the drive you are testing the only drive in the system.
  • You can use Ontrack's DataEraser to remove boot sector viruses. DataEraser will completly wipe the drive of all information so you will want to consider backing up your data before proceding. Data Eraser can be downloaded from our Software Download Page.
  • Try the drive in a different system to see if you get the same results.

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