Termination Power with LVD drives.

Every SCSI bus must have a constant source of Termination Power(T/P). Quantum® recommends that T/P be enabled at the drive if supported. Most late model SCSI host adapters have a provision for SCSI Term. Power. Some host adapters enable T/P by software toggle or jumper connection. Embedded SCSI hosts may have an option connector on the system board. Sometimes the solution is to provide SCSI Term. Pwr. at the last physical device, while disabling T/P at the host adapter. Some experimentation may be necessary.

On early release versions of the Adaptec 2940U2/W host adapter, there is a jumper location on the card, under the LVD connector, at location J4. This jumper should be enabled to use the Atlas-10K and Atlas-IV. Later versions of this card used a different design and do not exhibit these symptoms.

When using the Mylex Flashpoint LW-#BT-950, some customers report Atlas IV drives are not seen correctly when attached to the FlashPoint LW host adapter. Sometimes they are not listed at all in the BIOS scan, other times only part of the information is displayed, but not the capacity or sector size. The adapter will not boot when Quantum LVD drives are connected. Or the RAIDPlus utility keeps finding configuration problems with these drives.

The SCSI controller chip used on the FlashPoint host adapters is not Ultra160/m (Ultra3) capable and does not detect Ultra160/m drives properly. The recommended solution is a firmware update to the latest available version

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