Termination Power with LVD SCSI hard drives.

Several cases of detect issues are reported with Atlas-IV and Atlas 10K Low Voltage Differential (LVD) drives. Symptoms include:
  • intermittent detect issues,
  • drive won't boot the O/S, or
  • drives 'drop off' the bus in a RAID array.
For most cases, the recommendation is to use the latest drive firmware.

If a firmware update is not a reasonable solution, then Termination Power may be at issue. Depending on the specific host adapter in question, some level of trial and error experimentation, centering on SCSI Termination Power may be needed.

Always confirm the use of quality 'twisted-pair' or Teflon ribbon cables and external active (cable end) LVD SCSI bus terminators. Two good sources of cables and terminators are:
  • Granite Digital (http://www.scsipro.com/) at 510-471-6267, and
  • TMC (http://www.tmcscsi.com/) at 415-454-5425.

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