What is an "Missing operating system" error?

Cause: This occurs when the computer does not recognize that an operating system is loaded.

Boot computer with a DOS System Boot Diskette.
From the A: prompt, type "SYS C:" and press the [Enter] key. This will copy system files from the floppy diskette to the hard. When the copy is completed, user will see "System Transferred" on the screen.
If this command fails to solve the problem, back up the existing files, if any, from the hard disk, type FDISK and press the [Enter] key to first delete an existing partition(s) and then to recreate a new partition(s).
After a partition has been created, type "FORMAT /S" and press the [Enter] key. This will re-format and transfer system files to the hard drive. After format is complete, restore backed up files.

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