What are the Operating system limitations using File Allocation Table 16 (FAT-16) that occur at 2.1 GB, 4.2 GB, 8.4 GB and beyond?

Operating Systems:
  1. DOS - The DOS operating system has a 2.048 GB per drive letter (e.g., C:, D,: E:) barrier, also has an 8.4 GB total drive capacity barrier.
  2. Windows 95A (FAT-16) - The Windows 95 (FAT 16) operating system has a 2.048 GB per drive letter barrier.
  3. Windows NT 4.0 using FAT-16 - Windows NT 4.0 using FAT 16-file system has a 4.2 GB limit. Hard drives greater than 4.2 GB will require multiple partitions if using the FAT 16 file system.
  4. OS/2 using FAT-16 - The OS/2 using FAT 16 operating system has a 2.1 GB per drive letter barrier. Older versions of Warp cannot address drive capacities greater than 4.2 GB. User's MUST contact IBM for possible Driver Pack Upgrades to bypass this limitation. NOTE:  These are the basic operating system limitations. Consult the Operating System manufacturer for other, more specific limitations.

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