Win2k And Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum
I have Easy CD Creator 5 Plantinum (Take 2 and DirectCD are NOT installed), patched to version 5.01. The problem is, whenever we try to burn any file (regardless of how big or small it is), it will say "Error Reported by Output Device" and simply ejects the CD.

Try this: 1) Connect your recorder to the Secondary IDE bus as Master. In many cases, changing the recorder from Slave to Master on a bus will resolve this issue. 2)Remove or uninstall any AntiVirus software... 3) If you have an IDE recorder, obtain the latest drivers for your IDE controller. (Usually found on the motherboard MFG's web site). And in your CMOS configuration, be sure you have AUTO Detect selected to detect the CDROM and Recorders. 4) Editing the Registyer, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>ADAPTEC>EASYCD ENGINE go to DEVICE PROPERTIES and right click on your model recorder, for example "YAMAHA CRW8824E and then choose delete. Then reboot your computer. Once you reboot and launch Creator, go to it's TOLLS and then choose SYSTEM TESTS. Run all tests on all devices listed. Do one device at a time, and do all the tests

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