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_Xelas_ -> Request for FAQ, or even article? (2/2/2005 9:51:45 PM)

I keep seeing people post a screenshot of CD Speed and asking "Is this good?". Usually the answer is very terse - "Results are very good, as was expected from the BenQ DW1620A" is a typical example.[;)] No one is explaining anything, which means that newcomers are incapable of interpreting their own results, and keep coming back with more such stupid questions.

I understand that "PIE<280, PIF<4 and PO=0" is the DVD standard. I think I know what PIE (C1?) and PIF (C2?) are.

But is it PIE Average < 280? Or Max? Doesn't seem to be total, as that is usually >10000. Right?
What is better, a high max and low average? That would imply that a portion of the might be unreadable while the rest is good. Is that right?
A lower max and higher average means the whole disk is so-so, right?

WTF is the "quality score"? Should I ignore it? Does it mean anything? Why?

Can someone describe, technically, what jitter is? Is it variations in pit length? Pit/land ratios?

I post my first ever DVD burn, by a brand-new Benq 1620 on a Fuji 4x DVD-RW (Ricoh rebrand). If it is good or bad, can someone please say why?

Maybe a FAQ can be posted (with pictures, please!)? Or, better yet, an article devoted to explaining how to read these graphs and numbers? If such an article or post has been posted, is it possible to "sticky" it in the FAQ and this forum? If it's hard to find, its the same as not existing.

Thank you!


Iggy -> RE: Request for FAQ, or even article? (2/3/2005 2:31:17 AM)

C1/C2 are errors for the CD only, not DVD. But generaly something similar are the PI and PO.

The 280 is the limit, meaning that the maximum value should be lower that this. The average is not to importand for me since it can be extremely low in all the disc but in one specific spot to be 1000. The average will be low but the specific spot maybe unreadable.[:)]

I also, personaly always, ignore the quality score.

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