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LinuxMarshall -> World’s Smallest Linux Board Saga Continues ! (2/2/2005 8:40:58 AM)

Now this is a tiny Linux computer! Alright, so it is actually using embedded Linux. It is still pretty darn small though! If you stop to think about it, the possibilities with this and other similar devices are almost limitless. As to how far the technology behind the WildFire goes - only time will tell.

Intec Automation is shipping a $200 credit-card sized SBC (single-board computer) small enough to embed in actuators and tight enclosures, yet powerful enough to run uClinux. The SteriodMicros WildFire microcontroller is based on a 64MHz ColdFire processor, and targets industrial control and automation.

The WildFire measures 2.9 x 2.3 inches (7.4 x 5.8cm) -- about 38 percent larger in surface area than the "world's smallest Linux SBC," the 3.2 x 1.3 inch (82 x 33mm) SSV DNP/5282, which is based on the same chip. Unlike the gumstick-shaped SSV SBC, however, the WildFire needs no carrier board, instead offering a porcupine's worth of pins for ribbon cable connectors enabling direct attachment of a variety of real-world I/O.

Intec says that in producing the WildFire it is "banking on Linux making inroads into control and automation, a field [that], up until now, [has been] dominated by platforms with a plethora of I/O to interface with the real world, but insufficient resources to run Linux."

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