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SiliconFreak -> IP->Com 2.5.20 ! (1/31/2005 9:21:11 AM)

Author: Stephen Hill Solutions
Size: 447 Kb
License: Freeware
Requires: Win All

IP->Com is a freeware program to share all/any your COM ports remotely over your local network or the Internet, simultaneously.

IP->Com allows any of the existing serial (RS232) ports on your PC to interface directly to a TCP/IP network. This makes it possible for any other computer on the same network to send and receive serial data through a remote serial port on the PC where IP->Com is running. You connect to the remote serial port by connecting to a TCP/IP port.


Source : MajorGeeks

Cooler -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/3/2005 12:08:47 AM)

"Quota exceeded"?
Apparently this is successful solution, then? [:D]

SiliconFreak -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/3/2005 7:09:34 AM)

Hahahahaa...i believe someone forgot to pay for more bandwidth...hahahaha...[8D][:D][:)]

Anyway...found another download link....its already changed above...so try it now....and enjoy in IP->Com harmony...[:)][;)]

Cooler -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/10/2005 10:30:49 PM)

PlanetCrap... erm, PlanetMirror? I hate all these "planet" sites - Starting from FilePlanet, etc.! [>:]
"Error - File Not Found" was the response in this case... [8|]

Edit: You (should!) have my e-mail addy, so if you maneged to get it, send it as file attache, please. [;)]

SiliconFreak -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/11/2005 6:13:22 AM)

Fixed again above...try it...it works now...but dont know for how long...hahahaha...no need to send you this link...because...if it wont work for you here...it also wont work in your email...[8D][:D]

And also...its the latest 2.5.20 version (the one posted before was 2.5.19)...so check it out and let me know if it works now...[;)]

EDIT: Ohh...You meant to send the file not the link...sorry...hahaha...arent You afraid that I might send You some adware or virus? Beware...You never know who is on Your side those days...and who isnt...[8D][:D][:)][;)] Like I said..try it here first...and we'll see later what to do,ok? [;)]

Cooler -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/15/2005 11:41:53 PM)

Link results MajorGeeks main page? MG sucks big time! [>:]
Luckily, after searching enough (including many "quota exceeded" pages and non-working MG mirrors!) I found it from HERE.
I'll save that for later test - Hopefully it's not as problematic as N-A has been...

SiliconFreak -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/16/2005 8:06:08 AM)

Dont know...now it doesnt work...not my and not yours link...[&:]

Anyway...just wonder about N-A...has their boss contacted You anymore? Because I havent heard from him since we last talked (when he should send me the program)...maybe he was lost in cyberspace...[8D]...no big deal 4 me...one thing less to worry about...[;)] And Your testing? How was it? Is it as good as their boss said it was? [8D][:D][;)]


Cooler -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/20/2005 2:23:09 PM)

About N-A... no, have'nt heard. You never received your copy? [:o]
So far... I would say "Don't worry", because I've had not much success with N-A. Few tries more and I'm ready to give up, as it clashes with Ultr@VNC here and practically refuses to work even without it... complaining about version. [8|]

SiliconFreak -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/20/2005 4:20:57 PM)

hahaha...no I havent received it....but I also havent missed something with that (at least from what You said)!...[8D]...I somehow knew that....[;)]

anyway...write some review here...or does the word PROBLEMATIC tell everything about N-A? [:)]

Cooler -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/21/2005 4:03:49 AM)

I'm no good in writing "reviews", as my personal experiences may hamper the results too much. [8D]

Let me put it this way: As far as I can tell, at least same functionality can be achieved with Ultr@VNC for free. It may take some effort (writing few small batch files), but IRL all you're going to miss is a few icons. Maybe I should make such package for you for back that statement up, when I have time? [;)]
The best thing about N-A is the installer and easy setup. After that, it's not so fun anymore... specially if you already have in use (Ultr@)VNC... [:o]

SiliconFreak -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/21/2005 9:04:42 AM)

You said enough...so no N-A or even Ultr@VNC for me....afterall I dont really need them...[8D][:D] I was just kinda curious...and wanted to test them...but my desire and enthusiasm are long gone now...[:)][;)]

Cooler -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/22/2005 4:47:02 AM)

For more info about Ultr@VNC, try forum and for making your own "N-A", Single Click area of forum can be handy! [;)]

While it can be handy with longer distances, I actually use my server (which is about 1.5 meter from me!) via Ultr@VNC more often than locally! [:D]
That should tell you how good I think Ultr@VNC is... [:)]

But N-A? After I manage to collect my notes and mail author, I'll promptly delete N-A. [X(]

SiliconFreak -> RE: IP->Com 2.5.19 ! (2/22/2005 9:28:37 AM)

hahaha..i appreciate your help and everything...but I wont try neither of them...just dont have the time and patience right now...[8D][:D][;)] (I'll rather have one more round of C&C Zero Hour [:)])

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