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zjib -> Unable to save info if miscompares detected. (1/30/2005 10:10:59 PM)

I saw the sticky post for the "wish list" and thought that my biggest wish would be to have some of the items already included in DVDInfoPro 3.49 to work correctly. [;)]

One thing which particularly bothers me at the moment (see the ISO Compare Problems thread) is the inability to save info about problems detected using the compare function.

Here's what is happening to me. Prior to starting a compare, the compare window has 3 buttons labeled "Compare", "Create", and "Stop". After I initiate a comparision to an ISO image using the "Compare" button, the text of the middle button changes from "Create" to "Save". I assume that this button is supposed to allow a user to save the results of a compare function. In particular, it would be truly usefull if this button would allow me to save the information about miscompares which are detected.

The problem I have is that as soon as the compare operation completes, the "Save" button returns immediately to being the "Create" button. There is no way provided to save information about what blocks/bytes miscompared.

Frustrating. Hope this can fixed. Is there any interest in reports on any other problems/possible bugs I run into using this tool? If so, how/where would you like the info posted?


emperor -> RE: Unable to save info if miscompares detected. (2/1/2005 3:30:37 AM)

Nicw will look at your request as soon he finds the time, right zebra? [:)]

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