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CDR Overclocker -> CDR Overclocking (8/27/2001 11:50:01 AM)

Recently there are two hot rumours on CDR overclocking:

1. Convert AOpen CRW1632 to AOpen CRW2040
2. Convert Samsung SW-212 to Samsung SW-216

John has actually posted a review on the first one. At the time of posting, the firmware of AOpen CRW2040 has not been released yet. Now that the firmware 1.01 for CRW2040 is released, I wonder if anyone will be willing to try the new firmware to see if it works.

For the second one, I've chatted with the author who posted at various forums about this good news. I doubt whether the conversion is possible because I know the Samsung SW-212 has 8 MEGS of cache while the SW-216 has only 2 MEGS, and it follows that these two drives are structurally different. But the author told me that he bought his drive recently and it has only 2 MEGS of buffer! So watch out when buying this Samsung drive to make sure you get the one with less cache. For those who have already bought the 8 MEG-version--sorry, but it's the way it goes.

Sillygates -> RE: CDR Overclocking (9/3/2001 11:10:04 AM)

it owuld not cause damage for you to try that update, it will not flash a incompatible drive! the reason they do this is for a few reasons, a. they assume that their users are stupid, and b. you might have two drives and one that would be damaged by the update. but rember ADD A FAN if it works

Note: normally you can not go overthe regular speed with a drive and their might be a reason that they made it at the lower speed

p.s. buffers are getting smaller! this is NOT to worry about because most newer drives have buffer underrun technology so when the buffer runs out it stops recording and waits for the buffer to fill and starts again, not makeing a coaster. A DRIVE WITH BUFFER UNDERRUN AND 2MB OF MEMORY IS WAY BETTER THEN THE SAME DRIVE WITH 8MB OF MEMORY AND NO BUFFER UNDERRUN TECH

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cityline99 -> RE: CDR Overclocking (9/3/2001 9:44:08 PM)

Sillygates , sorry
stupid...... dont use this word

you may dont know what is
"critical mass "
that is used to reduce cost of production
INcluding purchasing & designing
re:liteon 8 x upgraded to 12x
many guys has done that , so far so good.......

cityline99 -> RE: CDR Overclocking (9/3/2001 9:45:11 PM)

but 2. Convert Samsung SW-212 to Samsung SW-216
i dont believe it too much .....

alaps -> RE: CDR Overclocking (10/15/2001 3:38:02 AM)


I tried it on mine, using the "hacked" firmware and I ended up with a dead drive. The motherboard bios wouldn't recognise it. Even the drive door would not eject !

One important detail however was that my SW-212 had 8 MB buffer.

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