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prometeus -> BTC 1108IM firmware b130 (1/13/2005 7:39:07 AM)

I have a question about the writing qulaity of this drive cause I have one and seem to have trouble creating good dvd-r on Ritek G04.
Anyone knows a good (cheap I'm dutch :) ) dvd burner that has excelent dvd-r burning results and supports dvd9 +/- burnin.

This is my first post so be gentle if its in the wrong section.



prometeus -> RE: BTC 1108IM firmware b130 (1/14/2005 4:13:09 PM)

Anyone interested in buyin this piece of c .....

I have bought me a nice philips 1640p drive upgraded with firmware 3.0 ( I know 3.2 is out ) and it writes beautifull dvd-r ritek g04.
Thanks guys and galls............ see ya all later.

Iggy -> RE: BTC 1108IM firmware b130 (1/16/2005 6:24:05 AM)

The BTC burners are not good. The 1108 used to be desend but with the firmware you mention is not any more.

The Philips is much better and cannot be compared to the BTC.[:)]

emperor -> RE: BTC 1108IM firmware b130 (1/16/2005 1:13:16 PM)

Philips/BenQ burners are much better than BTC...

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