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SPECT -> writing speed (3/31/2003 3:36:21 PM)

all the professional cd-burners here, i need your opinion on the right writing speed for audio CDs.
the question appeared after i have discovered that my old-made-in-china CD Player, called CROWN 8), plays much better media burned at 12x than the same media burned at 1x...accept the TY media, it plays it perfectly...

ant -> RE: writing speed (3/31/2003 7:55:25 PM)

Recording audio CDs at speeds higher than 16x is not reccomended. Some jitter tests available in this website, have showed that sometimes writing at very low speeds such as 1x or 2x does not always give the highest quality. Possibly a 4x-12x speed for audio is the most decent choice.

Dolphinius_Rex -> RE: writing speed (4/1/2003 1:47:23 AM)

most media no longer truly supports 1x or 2x writing speeds. But I suppose this doesn't really matter since most drives don't support it either anymore [;)]

SPECT -> RE: writing speed (4/1/2003 4:29:06 PM)

okay, thnx for your responsiveness.
GL in your life full of burnin';)

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