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_copycat_ -> Operating Temp.of Graphics cards (1/9/2005 1:39:17 AM)

I was wondering how I might find out about safe operating temps. for graphics cards and how to monitor them? I have a GeForce FX 5950 ultra but no spec. sheet and would feel alot better if I new what it is rated at and could monitor it. They run very hot and are quite expenssive.I can't seem to get any info. from nVidia's web site.[sm=matrix16-coolemoticons.gif]

fernandes -> RE: Operating Temp.of Graphics cards (1/10/2005 8:03:29 AM)

Hi copycat... I did a little browsing through google and I didn't find any of this either..It' interests me too so if u come up with a good answer , post some for me :)
For now I can tell u that if it ( by "it" I mean ur graph.card) does not produce artifacts, then it's ok, and works fine..

_copycat_ -> RE: Operating Temp.of Graphics cards (1/10/2005 6:33:00 PM)

I guess you're right fernandes,and as long as the fans on the bottom of the card keep running it should be alright. Still, I sure would feel better knowing when or if it ever reaches a critical high temp. I hope it will shut it's self down before any damage is done. I'll post if I find anything out.

Leibniz -> RE: Operating Temp.of Graphics cards (1/17/2005 5:14:40 AM)

Hi copycat.
Check out the following screenshot from an 6600 card.
The core slowdown threshold is set to 145C where a typical CPU would get destroyed above 100C.
That means that vga cards can handle much more heat so don't worry if you see similar temperatures.
When the 6600 reaches 145C it will automatically decrease the clock speed of the core so that it drops to a safe level.
I believe all modern cards that have a built-in heat censor like yours do the same thing.

Also just like fernandes said, if you're not seeing any kind of artifacts in the game and your computer doesn't hang when playing games for more than 5-15 minutes you shouldn't have any problem and your overclocking should be considered successful :)

_copycat_ -> RE: Operating Temp.of Graphics cards (1/17/2005 6:07:18 PM)

[:D] Hello Leibniz! I've found the temp monitoring utility that you have shown in your post,and my 5950 graphics card is doing very well even at some pretty high ambient temps here in so.california. Thanks for the input. I just played Morrowind Elder Scrolls III for 8 hrs. and had no overheat or even any HIGH temps. [sm=matrix05-coolemoticons.gif] This is GREAT. Thanks again.....Oh and I noticed that you are from Heaven.... Say Hi to God for me [:)]

fernandes -> RE: Operating Temp.of Graphics cards (1/18/2005 9:08:59 AM)

hey copycat, this is a little offtopic but, the Elder scrolls ur reffering to is the Morrowind game?
if it is, then, that brings back, happy memories...I finished the game some time ago, and I suggest u do the same :)

Ps: do a little browsing through the net, and look up for the new upcoming ElderScrolls....it, with one word, ROCKS :)

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