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sukeljuma -> nvid 6800oc (1/8/2005 1:55:33 PM)

Well I have 1 and it lags so bad in far cry im getting /or waiting oin somthing better for sure

SiliconFreak -> RE: nvid 6800oc (1/8/2005 2:16:52 PM)

Hello sekuljuma and welcome to our forum! [;)]

So what exactly is wrong with Your 6800? Too much overclocked or something? And which one is it...ordinary or Ultra? And if You are waiting for something better...then You could maybe sell this one to me...[:)][;)]... Cause 6800 is Great Card...so maybe the problem is with Your Far Cry or something!?

Ohhh...and please...next time post such messages into HARDWARE/GRAPHIC CARDS section of forum...because here are news only sections..[8D][:)][;)]

Best wishes...cya around.


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