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wilson2888 -> Any news from LG 4160B's firmware? (1/7/2005 8:51:48 AM)

Hi everybody,

I have bought Lg 4160b 3 month ago.

I can't see any firmware newer than A302, will LG update this drive's firmware, I hope to see the support of bit setting and more media that can be supported!

Did any one know when will LG update their 4160's firmware!


emperor -> RE: Any news from LG 4160B's firmware? (1/8/2005 6:00:02 PM)

we can only wait until LG releases a new firmware

Iggy -> RE: Any news from LG 4160B's firmware? (1/9/2005 6:51:29 AM)

It is very bad for LG this delay. It seems that the support is poor. What abut the bitsetting option? We are still waitng, but for how much longer?

Milkshake -> RE: Any news from LG 4160B's firmware? (1/13/2005 5:09:58 PM)

Any news of a new firmware that support bitsetting?

I've contacted LG canada by email and they never send me back a reply[:@]
I am so pissed about LG poor support.

wilson2888 -> RE: Any news from LG 4160B's firmware? (1/14/2005 12:02:53 PM)

yes, I email to LG Japan and Hong Kong, they didn't answer my question!

poor support! Recently, they only update LG4163B's firmware!

I hope they can give us a new's firmware for 4160 with booktype support!!!

jcb74 -> RE: Any news from LG 4160B's firmware? (2/1/2005 4:04:16 AM)

Been waiting too, and in the "Improvement" it lists more brands and also "Improvement of DVD¡¾RW rewriting ability"..

Whatever, as long as I can use DVD-RW's more than 3 times, amongst other things...
And no, they haven't replied to my following support submission:

It seems that this drive is unable to re-write to a TDK DVD-RW.
The disk will become finalised after having moved/copied/deleted files on said disk, and InCD unable to format it.
I am using supplied Nero apps, Win XP Pro, updated to the latest builds. My drive has been flashed successfully to A302.
In addition to this, drive will only add 2 sessions to multisession DVD-R's (TDK x8), after the third, they can be "seen" in Nero as written (and the disk space updated), but unable to be seen by Windows.
Checking the web, it seems that this could be an issue with the drive, as other people have said the same thing.

Please advise me why I cannot burn more than two session's on -R's, and my -RW's are finalising themselves after several uses.

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